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Life of Brian

Hi beeper here, well life so far, I am just been made redundant as you all may know, wen to see my RA doctor on Monday and he passed me onto his understudy. I had a X-ray on my lift shoulder, I may need a new one like my right. I am going onto new meson Monday, will tell when I have been on for a few weeks. I am still writing my book and my life story. The reason I don,t know ifi told you all but I got this idea to put down all my memories so my sons and their children can read about my life story. You may say I have not lived a very unusual life but I.m sure well have a tale to tell and it,s great to pass it on to others. Anyway stil not sleeping so using my time to write and read. I am going into hospital on Monday for a fitness test after my chest infection.

Hope you all do well and keep your chins up, it will soon be Christmas when we can let our hair down and drink, eat and be RA free. It all in the mind, keep saying that like me and it will be great. The new year for me is a new job, and new places to see. I hope to go on a murder mystery weekend, being a crime reader and writer. Well see you next time.

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Hi Beeper, lovely to hear from you again. Sorry about the redundancy - life's a bitch at times and not something you would really want to happen. Hipe you got a decent settlement out of them!

Do hope all the hospital tests go well and good luck with the book. When you finish your crime stories, you must let us know so we can get copies. Lots of luck for the future. You do sound very positive about things. LavendarLady x


Hi Beeper,

Great to hear you are so upbeat. I am going to adopt your xmas attitiude, and look forward to New Year also. Good idea to write life story. I should do that, always saying you could'nt write my family experiences!!!



at least santa can come!!!! and we can have some nuts!! sorry you got finished its not much fun is it,i got fin 2yrs ago and been unable to work since. Hope it goes well when you go next monday. sylvi.xx


Hi Beeper - good luck on Monday, think its a great to write your story - how far are you on?


Hi Beeper

Sorry about the redundancy but as they say when when door closes another opens.Good luck with the book and i hope you and your family get a lot of pleasure from it

Good Luck also with the hospital tests - let us know how you get on

Julie x


HI Beeper,

Sorry about your redundancy.. you are sounding remarkably positive and in good humour too.., good luck with your writing.. and I am sure the new year will bring new oportunities xx


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