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Liver Problems or something else

has anyone knowledge of symptoms of liver dmage or infection etc my bloods were at 186 last week, I've felt off for a few days with a feeling of fullness, bloated and headache plus a nagging ache in my left side. I had my 1st of my 2nd lot of RTx last Friday fine Saturday this started Sunday evening. I'm flaring at mo as well. xxxxx Tricia P

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Your liver is on the right side, quite high up, so less likely if you're getting pain on the left. But tell your rheumy team, as may well be an infection of some sort, and if has lasted for a few days then time to get on the phone. Hope you feel better tho'. Polly


Hi Polly

thank you we know the answer don't we; but still like children have to be told lol I'll call in the morning.

Thanks again

Tricia P





Unless Tricia-P has inversion of her organs, then appendix is also on the right side.

Bloating can cause pain and discomfort in the descending colon on the left side. So could be a symptom of the gut being upset - by medication, infection, food or over/under-activity of the muscle wall of the gut ? Any constipation of diarrhoea?


I think it starts on your right side too but the gallbladder could be giving you jip if you have gallstones? If so that could also explain your high liver reading because the gallbladder affects the liver directly. Gallstone pain is usually felt as a high band of pain across the top of abdomen - or that's how it is for me anyhow. Tilda x


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