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Best laid plans of mice and men(women)

Woke today with all good intentions,

’To bake a cake’

The recipe was not at hand,

to check the web was my great plan,

Then on I go clicking here and there and found myself,

you guessed it here!

I replied to one, then another caught my eye,

So there I was with ‘man’s’ best plans ’

Enjoying life in RA land,

Finding out what ‘rocks ones boat’

Oh yes; its MTX of course,

Anyway enough’s enough,

so out I bed I got,

I’ve boiled the fruit,

it’s cooling now,

The coffee date all planned for 11

has shifted to maybe never,

As my get up and go

has got up and gone,

I’m back again to RA land.

Keep smiling it’s only 10.30 the rest of the day is yet to come….

Love Carol

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Hi Carol,

putting into verse what many of us feel xxxx


Carol, you certainly have a way with words :) love it.

I know RA has it's serious side but soooo good to read something with a bit of humour in relation to it.Your ditty just about sums my morning up !!!

Keep it up lol

Beth xxxxx


Bet you didn't burn the cake! never mind I can always cut the top off nobody will ever know........




smother it with icing.


I want a bit of ckae to go with the poem please.!!!!! xxx


lol Carol xx


Carol, I just love your poems. The cake sounds lovely too & I understand how the internet can tempt.

Hope you feel better soon.



I like your humour and great poetry too!! Made me smile this morning..



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