Get well soon shell1967

Hi everyone, Please sent our Michelle on here lots of hugs and kisses hoping she get well soon, She hasn't been on here much due to feeling less unwell every day,and yesterday was a really pain full and stressing time for her, Michelle has been a rock on here for me and many other, And has also stayed really positive even when she is having a bad day her self,..

i am sure sending her great message will help her loads Thanks hope you are all having a pain free day..Shirley XX

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  • Get well soon Shell. Tilda x

  • Shell i hope ypou soon recover to top form. Love


  • Thinking of you Shell. Hope you feel better soon

    Carolyn x

  • Lots of love ....have messaged you ....sending u a big cyber hug, cyber chocolate and a little cyber glass of Malibu xxxxxxxxx

  • Little wot u mean Claire :)))) lol xx

  • get well shell x

    nice and kind shirl x

  • Thankyou very much shirl,and what a lovely kind message to read when feeling brightened me up to see so many warm wishes on here,I'm so glad I joined this site I really am.having a flare and praying it doesn't last long,was very down as was feeling so good for a good few months until,this last week.ibuprofen helping and come rain or shine I am going to make my friends 50 th tonight !!! Bye for now everyone and thankyou again shirl,what a kind lovely gesture :)))) xxxx

  • i hope this flare is just a minor blip .. shell .. have a good night .. :))) xx

  • Your welcome!! What are friends for...Glad you are feeling better, Try and have a great nite, which i know you will with all the support you have around you Take care Shirley Xx

  • nice touch shirl :)) xx

  • Cyber hugs from one flarer to another! Had steroid yesterday a nd to go back Monday and Wednesday, just when I can't be bothered and wanna curl up in a ball, hope you feel better very quickly hugs Axx

  • Hoping you feel better soon Shell. Such a rollercoaster this whole business is! I've had a horrid flare which id thought was due to my reducing my steroids by 1mg but my pain and swelling has reduced massively these last 3 days-was struggling for at least 10 so i have to deduce it wasn't the lower steroid dose but another bloomin flare. Let's hope yours stops v soon-honestly i was tearing my hair out on weds, so tearful and everywhere hurting. Today I've felt well enough to have a walk and go to town with no nap so please take heart! Hugs xx

  • Get well soon shell xx

  • Hope youre feeling better soon.



  • get well soon shell. Sending you gentle cyber hugs! Wendy xx

  • feel better soon shell!

    nice thought shirley!


  • Sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts your way Shell. I hope your flare is short lived. lovely thought Shirley :-)) xx

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