got my meds today yay hay lol

hi all and a happy new year .saw consultant again today and got methotroxate and steroids,

bit of a mine field to take in but will check it all tommorrow . now i can send copy of to dla after they refused me at xmas as proof of meds came away with an armfull of blood test apps and liver or lung test app will be sent in post.was trying to jot notes dowm but can barley read them lol its all a bit off a mine feild but hope full will help i asked if i could have the metho jab but she wouldnt let me .anyway just thought id let you know and thanks for your support will keep you informed xxxxxxx

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  • Great news, the steroids should kick in within a few days to give u some relief but the mtx may take quite a fe weeks to get into ur system. But thank goodness they r now getting on top of things for you, great news for the new year xx Axx

  • yes ty allanah i hope so wass starting to get so depressed then with dla as well i was gonna save monies towards a knew knee so it wasnt gnna fritted away but ill see what happens xxxx

  • ty v much allana only took 6 months to get this stage but hay ho onwards and upwards as they say lolxxx

  • Yes I think that's one of the biggest problems with RA, getting the essential drugs and pain relief you need takes time. Hope you feel better very soon, sending gentle hugs Axx

  • glad you got sorted binlid. You should be jumping about on steroids in no time.

  • lol

  • Ask for copy of consultant letter x

  • i did she said i would get it in post as per doctors so i can send that as well dla gonna send me all the evidence they used in their decision making they said and i have till 31st to get it all in i know ive made a few mistakes on form but when your drugged up on tramdol for so long it all becomes fuzz so i hope by explaining this it will hlep will have to see but thanks for your support xx

  • I got MTX on my 1st visit but they want me off the steroids. I get confused as everyone else I read are still having the pred as well as MTX. I have tab form but my CRP is not reducing so next time I go they may change me to injections they said. I struggle to reduce the pred currently on 14mg per day. What dose have they gave you til the MTX kickc in?

    Agree with above that the pred will help you no end. Have they also gave you Alendronic acid and calcium supp?? You should have also had a booklet explaining the MTX and a record booklet for all your blood results as well as having the bloods every 2 weeks for 8 weeks.

    Hope you feel some relief soon.

    Keep smiling :)


  • sue got 5 mg pred x 3 a day and blood tests at 2 weeks 4weeks rhumi nurse in feb meth is in 2.5 tabs so have to take 6 at once she said. gonna do it before bed i thin k didnt sleep a wink last night worrying the list of meds i take is horrendous really lol got up early to start was just begining to feel a bit nauseus on hydroxy so with that as well hope im so not sick i dont do sick ill have to wait and see thanks for your answers everyone xxxxx

  • I take my 15mg all together in the morning. MTX can take up to 12 weeks to kick in. I take 8 tabs a day with my main evening meal. I was told to do this as they work better with food. I am on week 10 or 11 I lose count but not really seeing much improvement to be honest.

  • 15 for 3 10 for 2 an d 5weksfor 4 preds reduce hydroxy as well having lung function and bloods see nurse feb no folic acid to be taken iday befor and one day after i have no record book yet maybe nurse give me that

  • Hi, its good that things are being sorted for you..,I am on mtx of 15mg a week to,It is quite frighting when you first take them, seeing 6 little tablets on top of the rest you have to take, But i have been on them now for 4 weeks, and am just bringing to fill the affect, but everyone is different as you know, I have also has 2 steroid injections, so i don't know at the moment weather it is the steroid or the mtx working,I Have had the flu and a abscess, so i have also been a bit run down, have appointment this morning to see if there is any change to my CRP and ALT, Take care Shirleyxx

  • ty shirly and good luck with your app today whats the alt

  • It was a liver function test, which came back at 27, am i happy, yeeeees!!

  • I've been on methotrexate now for 10 weeks and no change wat so ever for me im 20 yrs old and decided to go out for a day to winter wonderland but the pain ruined my whole day to me there not working and ive been having problems with my liver and kidneys now for 4 weeks been feeling a bit down but have to c what the doctor say wen i go bk to see him appetite is still depressed Down just wish something would help me by now but every1 is different good luck with it all god bless happy new year x

  • ty tara i hope everything works out for you i took the tip and took all my preds together flying hi all day gl hun

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