Paying the price today

Hi All, got hit by a demon cold on Boxing Day so all social plans on hold while I recovered, although I couldn't avoid work so have been going into work then slumping for the intervening days. Thought all my catering was over and done on Christmas Day as my daughter is off house-sitting for a couple of weeks but my son managed to get a couple of unexpected days off at New Year and came home so another family meal was called for. On Christmas Day I got my daughter and her boyfriend spud bashing so all I had to do was cook and supervise (turns out I'm quite good at bossing people about - who knew? :) ). Unfortunately, yesterday everyone was so hung-over, except your truly, that damage limitation dictated I'd need to do the lot myself. Had a lovely day catching up but was quite glad to see the back of everyone in the evening so I could put my feet up. Today I feel as if I've done a triathlon and I'm having a few of those bleak "everyone would be better off without me moments". I know they'll pass but not at all nice while they last. Luckily I rearranged the OT appointment I was supposed to have this morning as I thought I'd be below par. Got my second opinion tomorrow and I'm really nervous. Daft really as I've had that many appointments with different healthcare professionals over the years that you'd think I'd be used to it by now. This is possibly the most nervous I've been as there's so much riding on it, I'm my mind, and at the mo there's nobody at home to talk to about it. Glad you're all here to ramble on to x

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  • Poor you, we are all the same here with Katy having the flu from hell. I'm glad I got my flu jab as i just seem to have a mild version at the moment! Hope all goes well tomorrow for you , thinking of you Axx

  • Thanks allanah, that's one good thing about working in a GP surgery - you don't get to think about making and appointment for a flu jab, they just haul you in and stab ;) Having done the admin for flu clinics I know the patients get much kinder treatment than us!! Looking forward to the day they bring out a jab for the common cold x

  • What do you say thank god christmas is over. I had a lovely christmas day and boxing day but it went pear shaped after that,tinnitus went of and balance went,more pills. I hope you feel better

  • Hello Mistymeana good luck with your appointment tomorrow, I hope he is kind considerate and gentle. I did the dinner yesterday as well I was well impressed with myself it has been an age since i chopped a carrot, new knives as sharp as anything. It might be good for the new consultant to see you a bit run down and ragged. Hope you have cheered up some and are not having any bleak moments at all.

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