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Bad Day for Tendons

Hi everyone. bad day today. had a lousy night - hubbies mobile went off at 2.30 a.m. woke us both up - he couldn't get back to sleep so took himself off to the spare room to read for a bit. I got back to sleep about 4 a.m. My left hand is painful and the tendon running from the wrist to the middle finger is standing up and the wrist just below the palm is painful. Knees bad today, shoulders hurt, feet hurt, feeling really down and weepy but don't know why. Perhaps too much stress this last week. Been over to a friend who lives 20 miles away to collect quiches for Sunday's anniversary lunch. Also saw their labrador Guiness - lovely dog. Puppy dog came with me to meet new people (for him) and new dog. More or less behaved himself. Now back home. Left hand is really bugging me and right thumb joint is very swollen. Does anyone else have trouble with the tendons in their hands during a flare up? Would be interested to know. Hospital did say it could be De somebody or other syndrome and if it got worse, would have to have the tendon cut but to keep pulling the middle finger back to stretch the tendon. sometimes the right hand tendons will do the same. Such a nuisance as it means I can't bend my hand or fingers. Could really just sit and howl. But life has to go on and trying to get myself out of this stage. Just about to have some lunch and then take puppy for his training session this afternoon for an hour. That usually wears him out and I can then have a rest.

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Silly me. Forgot to put my name on. LavendarLady


same prob two hours sleep wtith old morp oramorph.. elbow to wrist plus othe joints crawled to work im off to bed now its not good is it xcx


It is a common problem with RA an awful burning pain I would get, my middle finger on each hand is bent forward with nodules around the knuckles, it doesn't straighten and lie flat like the others even though I have had a "synovectomy" operation on both wrists I still have terrible problems with those fingers. Operations did help though, and they involved tendon surgery and bone shaving.

Do mention all this to your consultant has he may refer you to a orthopedic surgeon, but it does sound to me that your in a flare especially the way your suffering with your other joints. I find it just travels round my body joint to joint eventually my whole body hurts.

Take care and try to rest.

Mandy xx


Hi Summer and Mand. Thanks for support and help. Feeling a little better this afternoon. Hand has improved but tendon still up. LavendarLady


Glad to here you are feeling better, I too have this problem and know how painfull it can be

take care

Julie x


rest hands too so im not blogging another tip useless one I know xx


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