Feeling like a fool......again!

Hi everybody. I saw consultant yesterday and I was explaining about how I couldn't move a few weeks ago due to pain in my lower back and also my neck it was so bad I almost had to ask a neighbour to help me with putting sunday roast in oven. Anyway he told me the synovilal fluid is only present high up in the neck and my problems are mechanical. But he did inject the tendon on my right wrist with steroid and I have had a bad time this morning just getting dressed with my left hand and sort of driving with only my left hand . Have to go hand is killing me xx

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  • Take care,love sylvi.xx

  • Not alt all foolish though treesha cos now you know what the problem is and it might not be connected to RA!! I blame everything on it!!


  • Did your consultant explain what he meant by "mechanical"? Isn't that how they describe the problems with the spine when RA or some other inflammatory disease has attacked the vertebrae and keeps them from functioning the way they should? That is mechanical, isn't it?

    Did he say what could be done about it? Interesting you are :) L.xx

  • Well darn, sure hope your hand settles down over the weekend! I am getting antsy about my up coming wrist surgery when I read all these other reports of hands and wrists. Doing with only one hand doesn't work very well for more than a day maybe. Take care. L. xx

  • Hi loret. My consultant didn't say anything more about my back he was more concerned about my wrist and MTX side effects. I have had back pain for many years and usually the muscles contract and don't allow me to straighten up properly for a couple of weeks at a time. This time it was the opposite I couldn't bend! I know it is something different to my usual back probs but the doctor wasn't interested. I have struggled with one hand since Thursday. But I had to go to hairdresser just to wash and dry because I couldn't hold a brush. Yesterday was awful but today things are starting to improve slowly. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be a lot better. Its hard being a one handed administrator lol! Good luck with your surgery. When do you have it done? Xxxx

  • Hope things have improved. I have had wrist problems too this week x

  • Thanks summer, yes the injection was worth it although for the first 6 days I was cursing! Hope your wrist gets better soon xxxxx

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