after all the warnings i gave people it happened at new year


SUFFERING THIS MORNING someone spiked my drink with ICE i think after the warning i gave everyone else.

consiquently i had to wait for the bed to come round in the room to get on it by this time it was 2.45am

then the wind got up and their was a bit of a swell

was feeling quite sea sick at this point

so paddled the bed to shore and ankered up and got to sleep till 8am

what a great night that was.

happy new year to everyone on here lets hope this year brings a lot of us joy and happiness even if it has the no 13 in it

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  • You get worse,lovely tale

  • i do sil dont i

  • it's a shame we never listen to our own advice sometimes :) I was only thinking the same thing,.... Unlucky 13,... Hope you have a great year to x

  • ya shirl 13 dont like this no

  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Honestly you can trust no one these days - what is the world coming to sneaking ICE into your drink. Hope the sea sickness has settled and you only have nice memories now.

  • yep mads a good time was had by all i even bought sparklers for the grown ups hows that for pushing the boat out

  • and u scouser have a good one

  • That ice is definitely nasty stuff. Glad the bed finally found you and you managed to get some sleep

  • oh you've got to be careful - that ice is lethal stuff! the positively charged ions in ice are attracted to the negative ions in your glass and if you blink or don't pay attention positively charged ice can suddenly appear in your negative glass!

  • now thats usfull

  • Have a N......ICE new year. :-)

  • and u

  • That ice has a lot to answer for! Hope its effects have melted and you are now on an even keel ;) Being a bit of a contrary old bat, I've always seen the number 13 as something lucky and exciting so have decided this is going to be a good year. Will report in a year's time how right/wrong I was x

  • ha ha, poor you, do we have to avoid everything with ice, such as rice as well do you know lol

    love and happy new year Axx

  • no rice is fine allanah as long as its cooked

  • Heard of the saying [[ KEEP OFF THE ICE] Dont ignore the warning signs,hope youve well

    recovered.Happy New Year.


  • love the dogie pic pat

    yet they say if it swells put ice on it NOW THAT COULD BE DANGER

  • Ah that's bad ice has a lot to answer for I had a similar problem on holidays couple of years ago, I had to make a complaint to the holiday rep that there was something wrong with my bed, every time i tried to get in to bed the bed rocked and trying to close my eyes was a nightmare the bed would revolve, she was very good filled in all the complaint forms for me !!!! Jen x

  • good un jen

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