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Terrible muscle spasms-related to RA or not

Hi everyone,I've just come back from Tenerife. I got home at 3am on Wednesday morning,went straight to bed & was woken up with the most painful spasms-cramp in both feet & legs,it really was bad. I had to get up but could barely walk & I felt quite ill,head spinning & really faint. I feel better today but legs & feet still ache although no more cramps. Anyone got any idea what it is or what I should do? I also get so tired after travelling is this all part n parcel of this dreadful condtion?

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Cara, think you really need to go see your GP. It may all be related and you do need a professional to check you over



I should of said I do have RA & I just take hydroxy.


Agree with KatieC for you to see your GP regarding these cramps. It may be nothing but it's best.


Me too - phone your GP regardless of RA and Hydroxy. These don't really seem to explain these symptoms. Tilda x


At the moment my GPs in London,it's complicated but living in Suffolk for now. Thanks for your replies so probably not RA. x


I have night time muscle spasms & cramps all too regularly. Tiredness or lack of exercise seem to make it worse & if I drink too much wine I can pretty much guarantee a sleepless night due to cramp.

At the moment it's a bit better than it was I suppose but last night I woke about 4 times with cramp that went as soon as I got up & walked around a bit. But in between cramp proper my toes and ankles threaten to cramp up - I get a very odd sensation as if bubbles are moving slowly through my veins & that's usually a warning sign.

I keep meaning to try to get to the bottom of this but other things keep getting in the way.

And yes, travelling is one of the most challenging things in my opinion.

Luce x


Thanks Luce,I'd swam everyday when I was away. I didn't drink anymore than usual ( which is admittedly to much). I got night cramps before I'd taken hydroxy,9 months ago but not since. Why is traveling so tiring? x


Because it throws our metabolisms out of sync perhaps and because, more than non RA people, we are having to constantly plan around something very unpredictable. So we carry more baggage with us in every sense. That's my reckoning anyway. And if you can bear to wade through my new blog you might find a comment by a long term RAer quite spot on too.

I'm intrigued about Suffolk and London but won't pry I promise! xx


Morning Tilda, I think you could be right about the baggage, I can't take painkillers so in constant pain,which doesn't help.

The London -Suffolk is no secret. We have a home in both,my youngest son & fiancé are living in our London home & we are trying out living in Suffolk. My husband loves it here but I feel to cut off from my family & friends. It's crunch time as we have to sell one or the other.

I shall read your blog now xx


The trouble with having RA is you tend to blame everything on then RA or the drugs, when you will also get other things wrong with you like everyone else! Remember the drugs lower your immune system too, ~i would definitely see a GP or go to your nearest walk in centre.


Yes I should of done. It's just when your in so much pain you just don't want to be sitting in a waiting room & the last time I was there my GP said she couldn't talk to me about RA as doesn't know enough about & haven't been back since but as Tilda rightly said I could go & see another doctor so it's no excuse. I'm feeling much better today so panic over! Thanks for all your replies x

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I have suffered with the leg cramps at night but usually get them when I am too hot and it can be really sore and last a few minutes.

You can feel them coming on and its awfull.

Sometimes in the morning the legs can be really sore for a while then it will ease off.

I have never felt faint though.

I don't know what causes this and I have RA as well.

Hope things get better for you.

Mary x


Thanks for replying,this lasted for at least an hour,I had to keep them perfectly still or they would cramp up again. I couldn't really walk on Wednesday & they're still a bit sore today but I feel a lot better in myself. So hard to know what to expect with RA & what I should be going to the doctors with. Anyway better now x


Hi Caza,

I saw my rheumy today & finally remembered to mention my cramps. He seemed to think it was worthy of note & said that he will ask my GP to get my magnesium & calcium levels checked. He also mentioned potassium and something else - I'm afraid I can't remember what it was - but both of those already get checked in my regular blood tests & are fine. So the upshot seems to be that it's worth letting your rheumy or GP know about this problem if it continues. Luce x


Thank Luce,yes I will mention it to my Rheumy & I thought I'd take a trip to my GPs as well. It still keeps happening although nowhere near as bad. I did get them before I took hydroxy but then they stopped altogether. I don't think I'm eating or doing anything different. Thanks again for letting me know. Have a good day x


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