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anyone ever had cellulitus

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No but several friends and my husband has - it's intensely painful and quite serious if not caught in time I believe? Tilda


I've had it in my lower legs a few times, and have always been given antibiotics, with the warning to contact my GP immediately if it should spread or if I become ill with it. It can be pretty nasty and need hospital treatment if not caught and treated in time

Ally x


I have also had a couple of bouts of it in my right lower leg. The first time it was misdiagnosed, then mistreated. I spent 4 days in hospital with no antibiotics although I was sent there specifically to have intravenous antibiotics - the cannula came out and was never replaced because at the time only doctors were allowed to insert a cannula and no doctor turned up on the ward despite repeated calls from the nurses. I came out of hospital worse than when I went in.

I went back to my GP practice, saw a different doctor to the one who sent me into hospital. He went berserk and shouted at me for not coming in sooner. When I pointed out that I had just come out of hospital he was on the phone to someone straight away!

I then had 2 courses of oral antibiotics but although the `infection' had gone my leg was still red and swollen. If I was sat or laid in bed for any time, it was incredibly painful when I stood up again and put weight on that leg.

The result the delay in treatment is that my lymph nodes are severley damaged in my right lower leg and I have to wear a compression stocking otherwise my leg swells up painfully.

So the lesson is - get treatment immediately, don't wait.

I think once you have had a bout of it, it can occur again as well, a bit like cold sores.



About 5 years ago I returned home from a holiday in Majorca with what looked sunburn on the bottom left leg - I had been bitten by a mossie and scratched it too and it was swollen. It was late night but I went straight to out of hours doctor who gave me the bad news - it was cellulitus, it was spreading up the leg, and was in danger of reaching my knee (which was serious as it was a knee replacement). I was sent straight to hospital and was in for a week on massive doses of antibiotics. (with a black line drawn round the 'rash' to check its spreading!). I've since had it again, same leg, not as bad but bad enough. My left leg is always swollen now and the skin is quite marked.

I have since read that it can be dangerous if it continues spreading and goes untreated, it can lead to amputation - and can be fatal - so it does need to be seen by a doctor quickly.


Hi Jaqi1

If you haven't already, it would certainly be worth contacting your GP for some medical advice if you do suspect you may have cellulitis.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate