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This is a personal question, but does anyone recieve DLA? I am just applying for mine and just wonder if anyone has had any success?

Please message me privately if you would prefer, I just dont feel very confident!!

Thanks, Pen

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hi pen,i get low rate dla as when my hands swell i can,t lift the kettle,saucepans etcit took me 3 attemtps and back up from the dr,not sure what your problems are but good luck xx


I have high dla for care and mobility. My best advice is to book an appointment with CAB who can help you fill in the form and be very honest on the form. It says things like how far can u walk, I was about to get the measuring tape out but CAB just said put 2 minutes and I said I could manage but they said don't be brave tell the truth that your feet hurt, that you are in pain , can't sleep, morning stiffness, and if u use crutches or special can openers etc etc

Also I wrote about how it affected me emotionally and how it affected my family life, that I had to do Internet shopping etc.

And put in copies of any hospital, physio, GP, OT forms or reports you have, and photocopy everything before you send it and send it recorded delivery as its awful after all that work if u lose it. Good luck and message me if you need any more specifics love Axx


Thank you x I have seen the CAB and they were great, my Husband came with me and I am sending the forms off on Monday - I will let you know how I get on x


Sounds perfect, I sent mine recoded delivery so I knew they couldn't say the didn't have it !!! Good luck with it all Axx


I sent it today, by recorded delivery, so now I can just for get it and wait and see what happens xx


Definitely don't even think about filling in the forms yourself - you need to know exactly the right words to use, and its as much about what not to say as what to say. The disability welfare officers at CAB have a lot of experience in the forms and also have access to the decision makers guidebooks so they are probably the best folk to go see.

If you phone and ask DLA to send you out a paper form, then when you do get it, it gets backdated to the day you request the form, whereas if you do it online it only starts when you submit it.

The only thing that might go against you is that it has to be seen as permanent and long term disability. If you are just beginning treatment, then the expectation would be that treatment would help you enough that the RA wouldn't disable you, so they probably wouldn't see it as disability just yet. You would only get DLA if after receiving adequate treatment you were still disabled.


hi, i filled many a form in and got no help. Then i put my rhuemy nurse's name down for them to get in touch with as well as my GP. I was refused and appealed then i got it on appeal , it took me 14yrs but i did'nt give up, do'nt be afraid to ask for help. hope you get it.


Well done to you on your perseverance love Axx


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