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Loud noises and chest aching!

Sounds odd I know, but has any one else find that even the slightest loud noise, even though you are expecting it, scares the life out of you and makes you jump. I seem to be getting worse where this is concerned, especially as my brother found it highly amusing when I jumped, when he opened a bottle of Buck's Fizz yesterday, so much so he then decided to open the Gin Fizz, with the same results!!

Aching chest - For the past couple of weeks I have been having an aching in my chest, it feels similar to a chest infection or someone hugging the bottom of your ribs too tight. I have had a doctor check my chest and he says its all clear. I mentioned it to my rheumy and she just said that it wasnt RA related, I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar thing, and if so, do they know what it is?

Hope you are all as well as you can be xx

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Hi.. rib pain can be RA related eg costochondritis.

Chest pain and jumpiness can also be a sign of a a panic or anxiety attack?.. out side chance it could be heart or lung related but Gp should have picked this up?

Hope you get it sorted and feel betterxx


Thanks for the suggestions Summer, I need to go see the nurse, so I may just sit and wait for the doctor


Yes, definitely ask about costochondritis. Its far more common with spondyloarthritis (because that affects the entheses, or bits where tendon and cartilage join bone, including where ribs joint onto breastbone and spine as well as all the bits that hold ribs together) than with RA, though still possible with RA.

I do wonder how many folk are told they have sero-negative RA when its really spondyloarthritis - much cheaper for the NHS to diagnose RA though, as there are far more cheap DMARDs available that work for RA, whereas with spondy, once NSAIDs arent effective, the next step is the expensive anti-tnf drugs. Plus most rheumatologists just dont seem interested in spondy (its a lot harder to diagnose for a start, and takes far more time examining and taking histories from patients)


I agree with you. Doctors are so side tracked when they get a diagnosis in their heads. I never accept what any of them tell me first time around. Maybe thats what being a nurse does to you. I always question them.

Good luck with your diagnosis, you have had a really hard time.



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