Tonic water and Hydroxichloraquine?

Hi - wonder if anyone else has experienced extreme nausea and vomiting after drinking tonic water? I added some slimline tonic water to my fruit juice last night in order to take my Hydroxy tablet with my dinner. I bought a few bottles to keep me dry - the taste of tonic is like having a g&t so it keeps me away from booze over Xmas while making me feel like i'm still normal! So last night I was really sick - and this is the third time I've been suddenly very sick in a few months. So what I've suddenly thought is that it could be the quinine in the tonic clashing with the Hydroxy which also contains quinine. Has anyone else had an experience like this or know anything about drinking tonic water with Hydroxy?

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  • The quinine content in tonic water is very low.. you would have to drink a pint of it to get any meaningful quantity of quinine...

    All tablets are best taken with plain water not fruit juice, or tonic water and not milk either as some tablets react with milk.

    Sickness could be caused by a bug, dodgy ice cubes( can contain all sorts such as ecoli, and campylbacter by contamination. The acidity of fruit juice combined with tonic could affect tablet dispersion in the gut.

  • Hey thanks Alison that's incredibly helpful and makes complete sense now you say it. It does say on the side of my packet that Hydroxichloraquine should be taken with food or milk and I try to always do so but it was just an afterthought last night as I'd forgotten to take it in the day time. So I think the mixture of fruit juice, tonic water and then a pudding of yoghourt and pineapple probably caused this horrible attack of vomiting. If I hadn't had it a couple of times before I would have assumed it was a bug but I think it's too much of a coincidence. Will stick firmly to taking Hydroxy with food and plain water from now on! Tilda x

  • Ps it was at home and no ice cubes used - dodgy or no. It's cold enough up here!

  • hi tilda i was told by my gp to take hydroxy with only plain water she said and made it clear not to take with anything else,i take it with food as he tablet tastes horriable lol,good luck and hope sickness goes soon and have a very happy painfree christmas xxx

  • Thanks Sheener - the sickness went away about an hour after I had been very sick so I knew it couldn't be a bug. And yes water only and with food from now onwards - it's a question of living and learning and not being a complete twit (as I was!) Tilda x

  • Sorry you've been getting sick Tilda. I've been on hydroxy for about 5 yrs and never noticed a problem with tonic water - just as well as the inability to have the odd G & T might just have knocked me over the edge :0 ! Am currently getting in as much festive cheer as I can sensibly manage in case the 2nd opinion rheumy decides I need mtx or some such and I have to give up the booze - shock horror! Hope by spacing out the hydroxy and tonic you can get back to pretending soon and have a good Christmas x

  • Thanks Misty - it's almost knocked me over the edge and I've been taking MTX for over a year now! I'm now entirely convinced that Summer was right and it was the lime in the tonic and the fact that I added fruit juice and supped down my Hydoxy tablet with it - and then had pineapple with yoghurt for pudding! I've got to inject MTX tomorrow of all days - how yiuck is that?! Having Xmas dinner as a late lunch this year so should be okay to have a glass of bubbly with it and then do my stabbing later tomorrow night - that's what I've decided. I did buy a small bottle of gin today - supposedly for visitors but my next blood test is in 2 weeks on my 50th birthday so my plan is to indulge in a nice g&t that night and then I have a month for the liver to settle down again with complete abstinence hopefully. Have a lovely day tomorrow!

    Tilda x

  • Morning Tilda, I take hydroxy & I drink lots of tonic water, I find it a refreshing drink. I never feel sick after drinking it. I sometimes feel sick in the night & have put that down to hydroxy but I'm never actually sick so that's ok. I try to take the pill after food & with water. Love your G&T plan ?? x

  • I put a smiley face at the end but its come out as question marks, how strange x

  • Hi Tilda, I drink a 1 litre bottle of Tonic water a day and on Hydroxy, but haven't experienced any nausea or vomiting, have been drinking it for best part of a year now. Hope you get it sorted out, have you tried lime and soda water, thats another drink I have. Take care Ann xx

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