RA and tooth implant

Hi there I am on here to ask if anyone has had a tooth implant whilst taking Methotrexate and Prednisolone as I feel drugs will be keeping immune system down if I get an infection Have asked Rheumy and the nurse said ask dentist and dentist says ask rheumy! probably passing the buck if anything happens, so I am worried also does anyone go to Guys Hospital for rheumatologist and is it good as I am worried about my local one. Thanks 14penny

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  • I had an implant while on methotrexate and Enbrel. I held the Enbrel the week of the post implant, and had no issues whatsoever. Good luck.

  • I had a bone graft in January (to prepare the jaw for an implant in September). My rheumatologist told me not to take any methotrexate the week of the operation. And the dentist gave me a prescription for 2 weeks of antibiotics.

    I had also been advised previously by my rheumatologist to wait until I was taking less than 7 mg of prednisone per day before any major dental treatment

  • Hi, tooth implants, yes.

    The dentist was concerned about whether i had enough gum bone for an implant and thought that ra people may have receded gum bone. I was fine. I think if I didn't have enough gum bone they would want to graft on bovine bone and charge me more. They check with an X-ray.

    Because I was on methotrexate the dentist wanted to give me antibiotics as a precautionary measure after the implant hole was drilled, to be doubly sure that I didn't get an infection. He asked me to talk to my doctor about which antibiotics could and couldn't be used with methotrexate. I went to my doctor and he looked it up and A lot of them were not compatible with methotrexate. He found one that was ok and so I gave that info to my dentist.

    Everything went fine. That wa 18 months ago. Tooth implant is good.

  • Ps- no one seemed to think that I needed to stop taking methotrexate around the time of the drilling. I was probably on around 15mg per week at about that time.

  • Thanks all for replying will go ahead with implant now as everyone has said they had a good outcome thanks again everyone great site for any concerns big or small. 14 penny

  • Hi Penny. My dentist says an implant will go fine while on mtx but it will take longer to heal.

    I wish you the best :)


  • Hi Sue, Thanks for the reply have been a little worried about something going wrong as I get so many problems so thanks so much for your reply I think I am going to go ahead with it. It's good to hear from someone who has had the same thing done.

    Best wishes

    Penny :))

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