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I was due to see my Rheumy Nurse tomorrow to have my second Methotrexate Injection and I have just had a call from Hospital saying she is off sick and not to bother coming in!!!! All the consultants are in a meeting until 6pm and I cant speak to them and I have no tablets!!!! Will it matter if I miss a weeks dose!! ... I am really annoyed!

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Sorry they have told you not to go. I was show only once how to inject  MTX  it was a pen and I did the rest at home. 


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To be fair After showing me last week I could have done it myself at home this week but they insist on 3 demo's at hospital.... I have no pens or tablets!

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Ask your GP to prescribe some tablets for this week? If you ring today they could arrange for you to collect tomorrow. Worth discussing with the GP. Is there a duty GP whom you could ask for advice?

It won't hurt to go one week without mtx,i have to miss it when i have antibiotics so if they can't give it to you i wouldn't worry too much. if it lasts past the week then you want to get onto the hospital to sort out when your having it done next.xxxx

Thanks for your help guys.... I was panicking as its first time this has happened 

I would ask to go in the next day or the day after or the day after that surely there is someone who can help you. I would be persistent, its your life and body they are responsible to you and your health. But deff get in touch with your GP and let him know what the hospital are up to and how they are letting you down by being so vague.

I rang the hospital today again and still they insist no-one can see me....doctors fully booked and if I want to speak to him I have to make a telephone appointment ... Its disgraceful .... I have however managed to get another consultant to write me a prescription for tablet methotrexate until such time I can resume with my Injections   

I keep telling myself "I pay towards your wages" which we all do in a roundabout way, I've paid my taxes and still do because I'm still working even though I will be 66 this year. (3 days week).

You are quite right... x

Good replies above. I'm glad you git the tablets and it's shocking only one person can do the training in a whole hospital . I would complain ! 

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My Thoughts exactly ..... Shocking Treatment from the very beginning a year ago... Might ask to change Hospitals!

 I think once you are established on mxt missing a week isn't a problem but as you have only had one you need to build it up in your system. It will take a few weeks to kick in. Glad you got tablets in the end but you shouldn't have to beg for them.  

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