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Tired again

Tired again

Afternoon everyone. I am doing as i'm told. I think i am suffering from my trip out to the hospitals yesterday,i'm so so tired and i ache in my joints as well. I knew i would be tired,but this fatigue is so exhausting. I am down the ra clinic tomorrow so i will talk to my rheumy nurse and see what she has to say. I believe i am seeing the consultant as well,so we will see what he has to say as well.

Has anyone seen the news today,there is a plan by the house of lords to sink the new bill regarding the old dla and bringing in the new one. It is another scare to make us long time sick people to worry even more. They never take into consideration what it does to our mental state while we try to battle our illnesses. I agree that the scroungers who get dla for nothing should be sorted out. Its us innocent folk who suffer in the long run as we are made to be easy targets.

Take care everyone and i hope you all have a lovely afternoon. Sylvi.xx

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Rest up Sylvie, I wrote you a long reply a few minutes ago but it wouldn't upload. It will be good to hear the view of the rheumatologists regarding the post viral fatigue.

It would be shocking if the Government brought in the propsed changes to the dla. I think there are fewer people misusing it than the Gov would like us to believe. I know that some of the people that i work with have been labled as benefit cheats but that is so not the case.

Have a nice afternoon.


Hope the rest helps x

I know how you feel with the fatigue, its bad enough normally the fatigue from ra but I know when I had the chest/lung infection last it took me well over a month before I was feeling any better!

I know this is not what you want to hear but it does take lots off time x

Ive not seen the news, but think its a disgrace how the goverment tar us all with the same brush!

especially when its allowed that everything mobility/ disabiltiy related costs so much more! , like I said the other day I get charged £5 for a taxi journey that if I wasnt in a wheelchair would only be £1.80, thats a massive difference and thats what our dla is supposed to help towards!

Take care and rest

Julie x


Oh poor you Sylvie,

I am quite tired today too, and have every sympathy. I started taking Centrium 50 plus after Xmas, and I think my energy levels a bit better, do you take any supplements.?



Omega fish oils,glaugosome,vitamin c. I take that many pills each day i rattle, You will here me before you see me. ha ha !!


I know what you mean. My dla and esa is my only income,i get nothing more. It makes me sick that these people get all the benefits going and i have to manage on this small amount that we get. Our life is hard enough with ra/fibro.

Our life is nothing but hospitals and doctors,we don't have time for anything else. I wonder sometimes why we bother.

At least my hair and nails look good even if the rest of my body is crap!!



i agree your hair and nails look great


Thanks darling. love sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi, lovely picture. Is that your garden? Rest as much as you can. I am also feeling pretty whacked out today and my shoulder is very painful. I see my consultant on Friday so hope he will sort it out then. I agree the fatigue is something else despite getting some good sleep recently and only waking up once!

The House of Lords is currently considering the Government's Bill - they have already turned down some of the proposed cuts which will now go back to the Commons to see what they want to do about it!. No doubt there will be some sort of compromise in due course. the H of L is the chamber to provide the checks and balances against the power of the executive who think they know it all and actually know very little.

Don't worry about DLA changes yet, there is a long road ahead before any changes are made and a lot more consultation.

Take care, put your feet up, have a nice hot drink, a good book, some music and let the world look after itself! Love LavendarLady x


LL the photo is the lost garens of heligan. We went there last summer. Rest thats all i seem to do. Just got back from the hospital so i am sitting down now and resting. Got my next two appointents lined up at the ra clinic,so hopefully when i see the consultant next i should have had my knee done. Sleep seems to be eluding me at the moment, if i sleep for two hours at a time if i'm lucky. Never mind i'm not in a flare up at least. Not by the way i'm feeling, i am still so tired and ache,but just got to keep going.

Keep us informed on how you are going with your church appeal. Which church is it?

Take care and rest,yes i read your blog.

Love sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi, the church is Anmer on the edge of Sandringham Estate. The appeal is going pretty well at present - we have collected over £4000 in donations so far which means we can give instructions to the Bell Foundry to go ahead. The total cost will be between £10 and £12,000 to restore the bells so we can ring them again. They have been silent for years. It is a lovely little church on a slight rise at the end of the village. I'm there on Friday to meet up with the volunteer from Bat Conservation to make sure any bats won't be disturbed by the bells coming down and going back up again. We seem to have bats in the nave but not in the bell tower and not too many of them. LL x


When we come down to see the family we will have to come over to sandringham and meet up with you. Its been a long time since i've been there.

Keep me informed on how your appeal is doing,would like to follow itand see the finished result..

Love sylvi. xx


Hope you are feeling a bit better today xx


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