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More tablets!

This is the first time i have put a message on this site. Feeling down today. Had check up yesterday and MTX been increased to 10 tablets. Is it just in my mind that taking 10 individual tabs of 2.5mg is worse than l or 2 of a higher dose?! Why do they not come in higher dose form? 8 tablets make me feel sick so looking forward to 10! Came from hospital to dentist for a check up only to be told have a gum infection and put on antibiotics! More tablets! Went for my swim this morning and couldnt turn the locker key because of sore wrists! Thinking of wrapping myself in cotton woold for the rest of the day!

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why not if it helps you get through today. get home have a nice cup of tea/coffee whichever takes your fancy. It is ok to have a pity paty today.Only start to worry if it goes on any longer. I've had one or two them just laterly.I'm on mxt jabs followed by folic acid. I get sick of taking pills. I put them all in a little pot and take them in the morning the ones the rest of the day are not so bad. I'm not sure if this is right advice or not but have you thought about taking through out the day eg,breakfast, lunch,then teatime. I think you'll find someone on here will tell you if it is ok. We have to do what suits us best. Hope you feel brighter and in less pain tomorrow.




Just popped on quick and read your post. I think you aren't suppose to take methotrexate and antibiotics together. If I was you I would ring up your specialist nurse just to check.



Many thanks for all your replies. Made me feel better reading them. Have checked with rhemmy nurse (who is so helpful) and antibiotics ok to take but have to look out in case develop thrush! Hope not! Thanks again.


Hi, poor you, you're obviously having a rotten time at the mo. Take it easy if you can. I was advised to split my MTX dose and take half in the morning with brekkie and the other half with tea to keep the nausea and other side effects at bay or at least lessen them a bit. Also as Paula says there are some anitbiotics that you aren't supposed to take with MTX so definitely worth checking up on. Hope you feel a bit better soon.

Mags x


I may be wrong but there used to be a 10mg MTX tablet. I don't know whether this is still available or whether they stopped it for safety reasons. Anyone?


I take 15mg of MTX a week AND i get the 10mg tabs. on prescription with the 2.5 mg . It is easier than taking so many tiny tabs !!!!!!!!!!



The 10mg tablets have been stopped because of people getting confused and taking too many of the 10mg tablets - there have been fatalities. Obv if you're confused and take them every day and in multiples of 10mg you are going to run into serious probs :-(




I have just started on mtx (taken it for two wks now). I take 10mg and was given the option to take 4x2.5 all at once or split them. I chose to split them 2x2.5 after breakfast and the other 2x2.5 at lunchtime/teatime. I did this to reduce any possible side affects in particular nausea & sickness.

I don't suffer any of the above, but I have experienced some slight queeziness and hair thinning. Mtx makes me extremely tired and I find I loose all the wkend including monday & tuesday. I've been told however I will tolerate it better in time and my "down time" should become less.

I was informed of a 10mg tablet and was told it's not normally prescribed for my sort of doseage as that most peps like to split mtx when taking it and obviously 1 tablet could not be split! I think that most places tend to prescribe mtx in multiples of 2.5mg, however if you asked for 10mg, i think you could get it that way instead.

I hope that helps.

Ps at my next review which will be chrimbo wk, my rheumy nurse told me that I would probably need a slightly higher doseage, thus I am sure she is going to move me to 15mg then (providing that blood work stays good). Not sure how I feel about that, but will worry over that then.

Cheers Sci



Just to say I've had a day of wrapping myself in cotton wool, well my duvet. Mum just gave me a wash andi feel much better.

If you feel like hiding away sometimes with RA it's god to rest.

I used to take 10mg and it made me so sick I couldn't get out of bed. You should tell your consultant. Until then I used to use though anti sickness bands you can get for travelling.

I hope you get some relief soon x


My dr told me to take mtxate at night. I find the worst now is taking 8 of those nasty little pills. And I've had antibiotics with mtxate and the flu jab



Hi there. I know how you feel about having a pile of pills in front of you to swallow. It seems to take for ever, but doc did say I could spread them out over a 12 hour period if I wanted. I did ask my doc about 10mg tablets & she said that although they exist she won't prescribe them because too easy to make mistakes as Cece said.

If you told your dentist you were on MTX then he/she would have made sure that the antibiotics were ok to take with it. There are only a few antibiotics that you can't take with MTX (listed in the MTX leaflet I think), but if you're at all unsure then check with your rheumy nurse.

Hope you feel better soon and the cottom wool treatment is working



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