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Hi all just wondering if anybody else feels the same as me I take around 20 plus Tablets every day some in morn and night also extra 10 mtx weekly but dont feel much different and was wondering if they are all plasebos and were only taking them to see if it makes us better and hate jags having to take benapali as well as getting bloods taken every other week well thats my moan done for the month hopefully..

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  • Hi billyPam

    It's a tough ride,Isn't it?! I take 28 tablets a day , 20mg Mtx a week ( another 8) and weekly enbrel injections. Like you, I would sworn they did little more than ever take the edge of things until picking up chest / lung infection a few weeks ago. As a result , I had to stop the biologic and Mtx. Within one week, I knew I was wrong and they really do help.

    I think I'd say they're not yet doing what they need too, it they certainly do something !

    Wishing you all the best going forward.


  • Cheers marie

  • Just think how bad you would be without the drugs,you don't say how long you have been on these meds,if it is only a short time you will need to give them time as they can take up to three months to get into your system. If you have been on them a while then you should consider seeing your drs who are looking after you and tell them and they will look at your regimen and see if it can be tweaked a bit.xxxx

  • Hi Sylvi the majority of tabs about 13 years some a bit longer and some only about 4 years. Have seen doc a few times and asked them to review but they say because I dont have fits any more the tabs must be working

  • So don't take it upon yourself to stop taking them darling whatever you do. I am sure no i know you don't want any more fits now do you. You might have to speak to the consultant who takes care of you. On a Wednesday in the morning i shovel 23 tablets down my throat,8 of them being mtx.xxxx

  • Oh no I wouldnt stop without them saying its safe to do so

  • Hi I take 11 tablets a day plus 20 Mgs mtx injections and 50mgs Benepali a week , have been on the tablets and mtx 3 years and Benepali for8months , but I think I would be a lot worse without them as I couldn't get out off bed at start off RA journey and doing a lot better now pain wise but still get bother with hands and fatigue

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