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I know should count myself as one of the lucky ones so wanted to share a positive blog.

I was diagnosed this year. At the time I had terrible pain and swelling in my left ankle, right knee and both hands.

I had a steriod injection about a month ago - rested as I was told to.

At present I seem to be in some sort of remission. I have a bit of a stiff thumb and the right knee is a bit 'creaky' but other than that I am able to lead a very normal life.

I have never been prescribed any medication - I am pleased about that as I hate taking any tablets

I sympathise with everyone who has RA so much more seriously than I appear to have at the moment and who are in constant pain but I plan to continue with my positive attitude for as long as possible and keep myself active and well - continue with a job that I love and do things with my family.


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Good on you


Hi Erika, nice to read a positive blog. The steroid would have helped to bring down the inflammation and control the pain you were having.

If you do find, once the steroid has worn off, that you experience pain and inflammation again, do see your GP and ask for a blood test to be done to check ESR and CRP levels which are the RA markers.

Don't suffer in silence. You may hate taking tablets - in fact we all do, but the standard MTX can be given by injection as can the anti tnf meds such as Humira and Enbrel which you are normally put on when the RA is failing to respond to milder medication. With tablets, if you get problems with your tum, your GP would prescribe something to take to settle it down and provide protection from the side effects of some of the tablets.

So don't be afraid to ask for extra help if needed in the future. Hope you continue at your present level without needing further assistance.

Best wishes. LavendarLady x


Congratulations, I hope It has been your worst.

Nice to here things working for you.

Take care and dont over do things x


Good positive attitude. The steroid injections I had before the MTX kicked in lasted about two months and gave enormous relief. Sadly though it was temporary and had to accept that RA was here to stay. Having said that, in my case the medication has worked and I lead a normal life once more. So I hope this message helps you stay positive if things don't pan out. Best of luck


Thank you everyone for your comments. I am fairly new to this site and have found it very helpful but at times I have found some of the blogs quite alarming and to be honest frightening.

I just wanted to put something on which I hoped was just a little more positive xxx


Nice a positive blog.. shows people can have positive experiences xx


It is alarming to hear about other experiences. My mother also had ra and used to tell the consultant she was fine after sitting in waiting room with people much worse then her. But on erikas experience, I have read that the right treatment can halt the progress of ra. I haven't got the joint damage my mother had at this stage in the disease, and since I retired from a stressful job I feel better, although when I've overdone things I still know about it!

And I've had ra for more than 10 years. Xx


thats wonderful Erika :)

It really is good to have this post, I know what you mean about although this site is wonderful, it can be alarming and scary; thats why I hang about now that I much better also (but thats with meds) not to brag but to show how there are some of us who are very lucky to have it under control.

keep up with the blogs :) x


I guess I am one of the lucky ones too so far. Found out in May of this year when I had an inflaimed left wrist for months. After 4 months of steriods i have been put on relifan and placlamil. Notice im more tired than usual lately. I was told less stress is better for me but thats hard when you dont have control over so many things. I have had two of my children get married and a new grandbaby and the year is not over yet. Worried about the future and what it will bring. Also notice overall muscle strength decreasing.


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