A huge thank you for such a special evening yesterday at the Speaker Rooms in the Palace of Westminster. I put forward my Rheumatologist and was successful in her receiving an award.

During the afternoon, prior to the event, I managed to arrange a private viewing of the Palace of Westminster, we even were able to sit in on a debate in the House of Commons, all arranged by our MP David Rutley and his office manager.

The evening was wonderful, we enjoyed our drinks and canapies and took the opportunity to look around the Speakers Rooms, (including the enormous bed).

The speeches were good and just long enough, the presentations were lovely and the whole evening was one to remember for many years to come.

Thank you NRAS for arranging such a special event. It was great to be able to thank those who have gone way beyond what you would normally expect from a health professional in such a fantastic way.


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Would that be Sally Bercow's bed, notorious wife of the Speaker of the Commons?


Apparently not. My MP who attended the event showed the bed to us. It can be used by the Queen the night before opening Parliament.

When I sat on it, it was very firm and cannot see anyone wishing to use it, under any circumstances!


Firm is good for bad backs they say and many other things


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