Home from hospital

Well lovely people who have enquired about hubby he is now home. Thank you all for enquiring about him and how i'm doing. I am a lot happier now he is home. I'm in a lot of pain after falling of my scooter,my ra nurse has told me i've got to see my gp and get myself checked over. I rang gps to get appointment to see my doctor and i can't see him until next week and the other good doctors are all the same can't see any of them this week.. I wonder when we will be able to see the doctor of our choice without having to wait a week.

Thats my moan over thank you all for caring.


2 Replies

  • Keep smiling!

    I love to read your blogs!

    Take care and hope you don't hurt too much after your fall

    Pen x

  • Really good news Sylvia glad he's on the mend

    Same problem at my doctors but you get to know which doctors you prefer.

    Don't forget to look after yourself as well

    Love Julie


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