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Suspect I'll regret it in the morning

Hi All, had one of those rare days when I woke up to nothing really hurting very much. Not pain free exactly but my toes and ankles suddenly had contours for the first time this week! Went out for works meal this evening and after a glass or two and far too much food I decided that the mile and a half walk home was just the antidote I needed. Took nearly twice as long as it used to and I now definitely can feel that I have joints but felt a huge sense of achievement as I've not been able to do much more than shuffle and hobble for a few metres for weeks. Just hope I still think it was worth it tomorrow x

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Well done you. Glad you enjoyed your might out.

Rest tomorrow and reflect on your achievments.



I too enjoyed my works night out but didnt walk home or even dance!

We had 3 course meal which i couldnt eat (no appetite) managed a bit though.

You may be shattered tomorrow but just think of what you achieved!

Even if you are stiff or struggle tomorrow just reflect on how far you walked!

Take care




Well done you. I try and do a bit of walking. I will get hubby to drop me off in the village and i will wondr around and then walk home. I do pay for it,but oh it feels good just to know i can do it.



I also had my works do and it was great to have a dance that was friday i niw have sore feet arms hands and wrists! but it was worth it


well done you at least you can say you done it and had a good nite just rest today and hope there were lots of pics taken so you can remember even more without the pain gentle hugs xx


Well, even if you have a hurty day today, your walk must have been a good workout for the muscles & that's good news long-term I reckon.


well done you xx


Well done!


Thanks guys. Bit of delayed reaction - thought I'd got away with it as, apart from a bit of creakiness and the return of the puffy ankles, I wasn't too bad at all yesterday. Hit like a truck today though and had trouble getting through my shift at work. Still feeling positive as I'm thinking that if I can have one really good day I might just have a few more round the corner. Lovely to have everyone here to talk to as my friends and family would doubtless think I'm a bit mad to be celebrating a walk home. They're supportive but I don't think you can really appreciate the highs and lows if you've not personally experienced them.


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