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I had a total left hip replacement this week but I am experiencing huge swelling in that leg from the knee down to my toes. Anyone know why?

I am 38 and suffer with RA. I've been to A&E and they don't believe it to be DVT. Could it be a really bad RA flair? I've never felt anything like this before and i am very concerned. I have been given strong liquid morphine to combat the pain until a scan at the hospital Monday.

I am in utter agony and despair so any help will be much appreciated!

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Did they do any blood tests or scans. A blood test called d-dimer can be taken to test if likely to be DVT and a scan / ultrasound can be done. Is that what you are having done on monday?

A leg that has been operated on can become swollen sometimes this is dependent oedema, when you are sitting with the leg down and not able to move it as much as normal. Also you can get swelling from the surgery, if you get bruising from bleeding at the time of operation it will migrate down to the lowest part but will not necessarily be visually bruised.

You could also have swelling from a flare does it feel like that?

hope this is helpful and hope things improve soon




This could be evidence of a blood clot (DVT), and if it is, it would need treating as an emergency to stop it potentially travelling through your blood stream and into your lungs or heart.

Don't leave it hoping it will go down on its own. A phone call to NHS24 would probably be the best bet to get things moving - they can then make arrangements if you need to be seen by a doctor urgently.


I agree you are at risk of developing DVT following this surgey contact out of Hours GP ASAP.


I agree with all of the above please seek a second opinion.


Thank you for the responses. I did go to the hospital last night and saw a DVT consultant earlier today. He doesn't think it's DVT but is concerned about the swelling. He spoke to a colleague and it was felt that i was possibly having a very bad RA flare.

I have been given Oramorph to get me through the weekend and then I am heading back to hospital Monday morning for bloodtests and scans. I will also try and have a word with both the surgeon and my own RA consultant and (hopefully) we shall find the cause, and/or reason behind it.

I am having a District Nurse turn up later tonight and tomorrow night to inject Fragmin into me until my tests etc on Monday.

earthwitch, Cinders63 and watson3: I did exactly as you suggested last night because of fear that it may be DVT. I was just wondering if my symptoms were common or unusual.

cris1728: They did blood tests and yes it is the scan for Monday. They did an X-Ray and that didn't show what they were looking for.

I just looked up Oedema. The description given by seems to fit what i am experiencing. It actually makes a lot of sense and has calmed my mind. It says that exercise is a good way to help reduce it. I am not overweight but I have been somewhat idle in my misunderstanding of how to treat myself or look after myself after the surgery. I should have it all sorted Monday I feel =)

It does "feel" like a flare, but it's a rather extreme version, that is why I am inclined to believe it to be Oedema. I will also pass this onto my doctors and (hopefully) have them confirm it.

Once again, thank you all for your help and advice. I shall pop on soon and explain all about myself once this drama has settled.




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