Just finished my First set of Rituximab infusions. Not as bad as I expected. YEA!

I had such anxiety over this new drug Rituximab. I wrote a few weeks ago asking you all for advice and asked for others experience. It was very helpful.

I just want to say thanks for the input and advice given. All has gone very smoothly. I feel fine except for the increase of cortisone which comes with the infusions... I can't wait to get off cortisone!

Anyway... just a quick note to say it is going very well so far and thanks to all who chimed in for the advice.

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  • That is good news

  • umamel just wanted to let you know Ive just finished my 2nd set of Rituximab infusions and after 20 years of taking 5mg of prednisalone every day I have finally managed to come of them, I feel fantastic, this is definitely the drug for me, I have energy for the first time in years and the cloudy fog that is normally in my head is gone and I am beginning to feel like my old self :)

    I wish you luck with your treatment and hope you gain some relief from it.

  • That is such cool news. Thanks for letting me know how well it is working for you! I hope to get down on Prednisalone as well... currently in 12.5. So tired of it. I hope this is the ticket for me as well. So far i have not heard anyone complain about this drug... have you?

    thanks again for letting me know.

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