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My first rituximab infusion

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Just wanted to post that I received my first infusion today, went well and had no reaction at all.

Just felt very tired and ready for a good sleep tonight........

Obviously don't know what tomorrow will bring but am optimistic xx

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Happy for you Becky, I had my first infusion of Tolicizumab today. No side effects sofar. Happy too. All the best from Holland!

Glad it went ok, let's hope that it's the one for you. Mx

I hope it works really well for you. I think taking things a bit easy is a good plan, just gentle exercise. Fingers crossed

Had my first Retuximab unfusion in December and still functioning well to date. Tiredness between first and second was an issue but improved after that. Still get 'off days' but this seems to be normal. Good luck.

Good luck!

Hi I had my first infusion of Tolicixumab? this week - I am convinced the swelling in my wrist has gone down - no side effects at this point x

Hi, I'm 10 months in on Tocilizumab- wonderful results, CRP in normal range, greatly reduced symptoms & swelling. I still take prednisone 7mg daily but see new life. I've had no ill effects or infusion reactions.. Good luck to you!

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