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Lovely Mr Shiraz

Having posted my first post a few days ago about being a newbie, I received some lovely replies and some great advice.

I told Mr Shiraz (my beloved) about all the lovely messages received and how I needed to pace myself instead of tearing ahead and trying to get everything done all at once.

I have been so tired of late, I work full time and catching up on chores at the weekend really takes it out of me and I really suffer for it.

Mr Shiraz had a day off work today and imagine my surprise when I got home to find that he had tackled the ironing pile :-)

We share the chores between us and I know he doesn't like ironing so I usually do that whilst he does all the hoovering. Bless him - he wanted me to have a nice quiet restful weekend. Thanks Mr Shiraz - you are the best x

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Mrs shiraz,you are like me we both have lovely husbands. Pacing is most vital in our lives with our diseases.The things my hubby does for me is why i love him so much. Sylvi.xx


yep im sometimes like a bull in a china shop

and ive learned it dosnt pay

took me 6 months to find that out


RA can bring out the best in our partners, mine too is v supportive, and does his own ironing... Px


does he get all the wrinkles out ?? :) x


But I didn't say what he ironed.....x


I think your husband is wonderfull, sometimes i can be a bull in a china shop at the moment, I think it,s the not knowing e.g are my meds going to work or are things going to get worse, being my brother is in a wheel chair due to RA it does frighten me,( don,t worry i do have my posstive days and this site has really helped,)

My husband and my daughter can be supportive, but sometimes i think they find it hard to accept that i can't do as much as i used to, i don't mean this in a bad way but i suppose at the end of the day it does affect your family as well as you,

Sometimes i hide how i am really feeling so that why it's really great to talk to people that understand,

just can't wait for my appointment on the 14th november,

Take care Xxx


It seems a lovely site and people are very supportive and I am so glad that I found it. Hope your appointment goes well on the 14th,



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