A bit of niceness

A bit of niceness

So I was asked to enter a competition last weekend by the Dublin Burlesque festival which I did, I didn't win anything but I did get invites from some of the best cabaret stars from all over Europe to visit and teach them circus skills :)

Two years after my diagnosis and I'm finally getting back on my feet. found a new place to live too with some intelligent mature open minded people, it's all on the up :D

Here's a pic of me performing at the festival

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  • Wow you look stunning Su - well done and delighted to learn that you've got new accommodation - hopefully this time it will work well for you. TTx

  • Yeah, it's always darkest before dawn :) I have always landed on my feet so far even if they were tender for the last while lol

  • How lovely,fab picture.well done and so happy for you love Michelle xxx

  • Thanks Shell :)

  • well done and you look great

  • Thank you Summer :)

  • If ye are interested at all, ye can follow me on facebook, it's open to everyone, I will be posting the article I wrote for the NRAS magazine there if it gets printed in the new year :)


  • like the niceness .. witt woo :)

  • I first read your name as cheekybones lol, very fitting ;)

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