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been poorly

hi all not been very good , lost me voice yet again . was told i have laryngitis great yes more tablet, to take along with the 19 i take a day, but the still dont no why my voice keeps going once a month, i said well i have no one at home to keep taking to as live o me own , with my dog, lol so going to sent me to see a speech therapies,, and off to the lovely , ATOS , TODAY GOT TO GO TO THE MEDICAL EXAMINATION CENTRE. as been on the sick sins feb o dear , will let you how i get on, , take care one and all , jo.xx

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Jo hope it goes well for you. Love


Hi Jo sorry to hear you not well and hope you feel better soon. At least you not on a good day when you going to med exam and hoping that goes well for you.

take care crisxx


hi just got back , got to go back as one of the them went of sick, so back to waiting for a letter for a new date to go .so home now in the warm in me pj , going to chill .x


They could at least have contacted you first before you went out to re-make the appointment. Hope it's not too long before you get another one. Take care. xxx


they told me it was to late to phone as i would have been on my why there, never mind , just a pain got to go thought it all again, as would have been ice to have got it sored ,x


I wonder if your voice goes after you have had a prolonged


I did a job that meant I was on the phone a lot, no problems.

Then I stepped down from the position.

Now I sit at home not talking to that many people and I have noticed,

if I do get a phone call that goes on for an hour I lose my voice!

Happens at least once a month, just a thought.

You know the saying, 'use it or lose it'


lol no sure my be as i live on my own when i meet with people i did go on after not talking or seeing no one for days , but my rhuemy did say to me that R,A can do this to you , so not no .x


cheer up missmopp , i agree with gazelle .

you will have to try (madness ) the same as me spend all day saying ( ouch you ba,,,,,ed disease ) lol .. their is nothing worse when you are in pain struggling to get to the hospital only to find it is canceled . good luck


thank you . yes just keep podding on ,:) x


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