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Shopped til dropped

Hi all,

had a lovely day today, went shopping with my best pal Liz, we actually met on our first day at school, so friends a long time....

She does'nt like shopping for clothes and I do. We had a lovely lunch and spent most of our time in M & S the best one in Ireland 'Liffey Valley' . I bought black velvet wide ended trousers ( cast friendly) and a long cashmere jumper mmmm. I also bought my mum a cashmere jumper & padders slippers for us both. Liz & I laughed that I would be running around in ordinary shoes in 6 months :). She actually broke a bone in her foot before the summer playing tennis and has given me great tips. Computer chair for getting around on, back pack for moving everything frm upstairs to down incl toothbrush/ anti p/ book/ lippie etc in one go on one leg! Great having a pal like a sister, actually better than a sister as we can give out about our sisters, we each have an annoying sister.

I also treated myself to some sanctuary minis in Boots and a lovely Estee Lauder lippie in a natural shade suitable for hospital, got a lovely free gift too.

Hoho! I also got some hand disinfectant & wipes, I trust no one! My mum handed her cardiologist a wipe before he examined her even though he had clearly used the disinfectant at the ward door, cringe! she was probably right. We used to disinfect all the surfaces around her bed etc.... she is 83 would'nt fight a bad infection. She is a demanding patient and calls the nurses 'Dearie' double cringe!

I have checked hygiene of hosp and they have zero MRSA, mmmm!

Anyway it was a great day, love Liz, good friends are a great investment.

xxx Gina.

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zero mrsa excellent.. the two large nhs ones in my shire cant make that claim. good luck with the op!. x


hard to believe eh?


Glad you enjoyed your day.I go shopping with an old friend-she has Parkinsons so we're a right pair of old crocks!Oh well it means plenty of nice tea stops going round.

Good news on the MRSA score

Hope it goes really well

Julie X


Ain't it nice to hear a good story about enjoying a day out with friends. Glad you had a good time.Nearly there, the worst will soon be over.

Love and best wishes for tomorrow.

Sylvia. xx


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