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Problem using eye drops


Hi, I hope that someone can advise either in the UK or in Canada where I am now living. I have both RA and Diabetes which is causing me to have dry eyes. My problem is that I am unable to squeeze the little bottles due to having RA in my both of my hands which is causing a weakness.

Thanks, Sue

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Ask your pharmacist. He may have some good ideas.

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Thank you, I did speak with the pharmacist today, My RA badly effects my hands and thought that others with RA may have the same problem.

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I've just been diagnosed. My grandmother had it, but I'm not certain I really do. Doctor said I'm a false negative. My grandmother's fingers were badly twisted. Right now I'm dealing with overall pain and weakness. I do understand your situation. I was hoping that the pharmacist had a good idea for you but I see from your other posts that what they suggested was expensive and not sterile. If I hear of something more, I will let you know.

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Thank you. Good luck some people show zero but you probably need more tests. Everyone is different and react differently to meds.


Hello my dear friend. I have just been on a 3 day paid seminar by the drug companies. I raised a number of issues the first being toczilimab injections that are spring loaded. Therefore if your pressing the plunger because it has a spring if you take the pressure off half way through the spring triggers and you loose the contents of the injections. It's the same with drugs in child proof tops or even the co codamol I have just got from pharmacy. With the co codamol you have to peel the paper off the plastic to get the painkillers. It took me two hours one night. Ridiculous hopefully they will eventually think of who they are prescribing these drugs for.

Hope everything is going well my friend. Regards Shazbat x x x

Hi my friend, I hope you sorted them out. I checked all the eye drops with the help of the pharmacist he could empty the contents into another container but it wouldn't be sterile or a different dropper. All he could do was to suggest I speak to the eye specialist and see if she can provide me with a prescription.

He knows of a company here that can provide me with the above but it would be in a sterile container. He said it would be very expensive.

They just don't understand what we have to deal with. I am now on Orencia injections but not sure they are any better than the tocizumab injections. We have had a really bad winter so that hasn't helped. We are starting to get into the 20's starting Monday and as long as it isn't humid that will be great.

I will make sure I don't release the pressure when doing my injections, thanks for the information. I do check the clear vile to see it is empty. The pharmacy provided my meds with pop on/off lids but I am on blister packs for most of my meds. I have some meds 3 that are not covered and I pay for those as and when I need them.

Take care my friend hope you are keeping well.

Sue xx

Thank you Jewels, I will try amazon Canada and see if they have the same thing here. I appreciate your quick response.


You’re welcome. I had a similar problem with my contact lens solutions. It works for the cleaner which comes in a small bottle, but not the soaking solution because the bottle is bigger.

I use halo forte they have a pump action I have weak hands and I can use them for my dry eyes it’s very good and I get it on prescription

I now use Carmize drops (Carmellose sodium 0.5%) much easier. Harjinder

Hi I have the same problem as you and I use Celluvisc 0.5% Carmellose sodium which come in a box of 30 single use doses - all you do is break the top off - often use my teeth for this - and gently squeeze- very easy to use. I order about 12 boxes to keep me going and would not be without them - perfect to keep in your handbag too. I highly recommend these. I do use at lest 8 a day. Ask your GP as they are only available on prescription. Good luck. X

I also use these, but I can hardly get any fluid out!

Hi, optrex is a well know over the counter eye drop, it has a spray press down application.

It can be used to spray on to closed eyelids, It is for dry eyes.

Best to ask your GP, to make sure it is suitable, it may be not as effective as a prescribed eye drop, but it could help.

I use Hylo Forte. Which is very good, but not so easy to use, as it has a pump like action to dispense.

Take care, hope you can find a solution to your problem.

Best wishes, Sandy

Sorry, I haven't got time just now to read all the replies so may not fully understand what you're grappling with or advice you've received so far but - I am doing well on Enbrel 8+ years and counting - but it sadly doesn't help my dry eyes. I cannot use anything I have to squeeze either but nor have any of the eye drops worked for me, except homoeopathic Hypericum mixed with saline. That's a help but not always convenient. My rheumatologist recently told me to use a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a small glass of previously boiled warm water. I've been using this each morning and at bedtime for a month and it's the best solution (pardon the pun) EVER! And so cheap. I haven't had dry eyes nor blepharitis since and my puffy red eyelids are history. So why did it take 37 years for anyone to tell me?! I hope this is suitable and effective for you too.

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So interesting as I just read the following article last night! To clarify, you are drinking sterile water with a teaspoon of baking soda?

Thanks everyone for responding. I will look to see if I can get a prescription or try the bicarbonate and water. I looked for the optrex spray but they only have the drops and not the spray in Canada. I will see if I can get it online though.

Thanks again everyone your advise has been very helpful.


I use hylo forte, I have worked my way through approximately 10 different brands/types of dispenser, and this is the best. It is stiff initially, until primed...pumping 2 or 3 times to start the flow,after thhat you need much iess pressure It can be used for up to 6 months and stays sterile

At night I use lacrilube....unfortunatey difficult to source at the moment The silvery metal tube is the easiest of the lot, and I use it at night

Xailin is next best, , but I found pos5 impossible to press the tube

Hope you find what suits you

Thank you for your response. Much appreciated, I had another chat with my pharmacist yesterday and I am going to try distilled water and bicarbonate of soda as well as omega 3. See if that helps. I see the eye specialist again in July and let her know about the various options I have received on here.

Everyone has been very helpful.

Thanks again take care.


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