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Shopping to help NRAS


I've just received this notification. Whatever your feelings about shopping at Amazon, if you do need to, then make it count!

This is your quarterly AmazonSmile donation notification. Your chosen charity, The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, recently received a quarterly donation of £416.06 from AmazonSmile, thanks to customers shopping at AmazonSmile.

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I didn't realise we could do this oldtimer. I'll sign up now. To be honest I do a lot of my shopping on Amazon. My friend always tells me off and says it's taking over but it's such a help when going to the shops is so difficult due to my ra.

Well that's a nice extra chunk of dosh for NRAS. I've been shopping through Amazon Smile for some time and, as I've had to use Amazon to get stuff I can't shop for, I've probably made a small but useful contribution to that sum!

It's good to remind everyone in case they did not know about it, especially if some of us may be having to shield again soon.

paulywoo in reply to Lolabridge

I've just updated my app and it goes automatically to Amazon Smile now and Nras are my chosen charity. Wish I'd known about this sooner.

I didn’t know about a Amazon charity scheme. I find it easy to buy from Amazon. I will sign up now Nras will be my chosen charity.

And we do this for the son's Scout Group. So sorry but it's already going to a cause we support.

They must have emailed half the U.K. today! We were out with friends - very socially distanced - met in a big garden, I even too my own picnic table and chairs, loads of hand gel around, disinfectant wipes etc - I don’t care how odd people thought I was! Anyway, our friend got his notification and when I got home I had one too.

I like being able to do it but I still think they are not exactly over generous when you consider how little tax they pay around the world. I’m sure they could be more generous.

You have got to be sure that you use Amazon Smile and not just regular old Amazon otherwise you won’t get the donation.

Mine goes to MSF....a fantastic cause

Whatever you may think of Amazon, it’s a good scheme. I change my charity every so often to try to support the ones I particularly care about.

I've used this for a while but for childhood cancer research (my 15 year old nephew died of osteosarcoma). I actually prefer NOT to buy from Amazon but as I have a kindle that is where I buy my 'books' from.

I changed my charity on Amazon Smile at the weekend to NRAS, you have to put the full title in for it to be accepted. X

Thanks for this. I didn't know anything about Amazon Smile and have now set it up for NRAS. I also have been resistant to using Amazon but have resorted to it when necessary due to shielding.

I did it for poppy appeal but will now change. Thanks for info😎

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