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Well its Halloween today and feeling stiff and achey. Why I ask?

Well my daughter is having a Halloween party tonight and guess who she asked to help with the catering. Yes you got it right me. I should have known better, her culinary skills are more from her fathers side than mine. Although she is a very good organiser and skilled artistically her kitchen is significantly underused. I should have known when she invited us for christmas lunch and I had to cook and fetch the beef and her father in law the turkey, she was doing the veg but when I arrived she was in a panic and had only just started so I had to assist then.

I asked her what she wanted me to cook and she gave me a list but I also had to look on the computer for more ideas. This done I helped her with the shopping list last weekend and dutifully went to hers yesterday morning to start preparing some of the SPREAD. She was still in her pyjamas balanced on the step ladders putting up cobwebs and had not done the shopping. As my hubby had dropped me off at hers and left as I was very stiff and didnt want to drive I had to wait for her to finish the Decorating ( 1.5 hrs) and get ready ( 1.5 hrs) before we went to the shops.

There she is ready to go can she find the shopping list we made no!!!! start again get the recipes out and check the cupboards and redo it.Whoopee off we go me getting stiffer and using the supermarket trolley as a walking frame.Done the shopping to be fair managed to get the few things I needed too so saved some time and effort there and to the checkout. I am not allowed to unload the trolley onto the conveyor belt I could be charitable and say that this is because she is looing after me and to be fair she does but I have not been allowed to do this or pack the bags for a long time now because I dont do it the way she wants I dont know when she became the parent and me the child.

Sorry had to get the sausage rolls out of the oven.

Then back to hers to start yes 2pm now to start she doesnt want me to do that until she has cleaned the kitchen up but I did anyway not got all day. 4 Hours later rang hubby to pick me up which he did and bless him he made my tea, That might have been because our daughter told him to look after me because I wasnt well, but he did it.

Still got snake pizza to make and cheese fingers with blood but thats all now.

I wonder why Im achey and feeling c**p these last 2 days.!!!

To the party tonight Ive decided to give my liver a rest as at Rheumy on Mon 1st appt and if I need to start any treatment need to give it a fighting chance so not drinking was going to dress as a bloody bride but as I said to OH I think I may go as a CREAKY OLD BAT

Happy halloween

cris xx

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Cris you won't have to dress up then if you go as a creaky old bat,me neither as i am stiff as well. Hope your daughter buys you a big bunch of flowers for all your help. I liked your blog as some people (not those on here) don't realise how hard it is for us and i think you want to print this of and show it to people who don't understand us.

You rest up now before the party. Love


Thanx Sylv

Just finished cooking the bloody finger cheese straws and the snake pizza is going in then having a rest b4 2nite. hope ur keeping well.



Hi cris just like to say good luck on monday, hope everything go well, my 1st appointment can't come quick enough for me, things just seems to be getting worse, my daughter has gone to a party to nite she has dressed up as a devil that suits her lol, she is not that bad really,

maybe i could of gone as a mummy with all these support bandages i have to wear these days,have a great evening.



Hi Shirley

Thanx for your good wishes for Monday will post to let folks know how it goes, Hope eyour appt goes well on 14th. had to come home early as dog unsettled, only had him 2 weeks and trying to get him more socialised,hes from a rescue and is very hyperactive so trying to get his behaviour more settled. Going to bed now as kn******ed wont need no rocking 2nite.



We have a dog, he is called bobby and we got him from the dogs trust, we have had him now for 3 years, must admit for the first 6 months he was a nite mare!!! He was 18 months when we got him, he was quite at first until he got used to us then that was it, he would chase me and the family up the stairs biting our bums, nicking socks teddies basically anything he could fit in his mouth and run out in the garden then it was having to chase him, he loved my tea cloths then we went to see a trainer at the vets as we never had a dog before, i was so surprised how well behaved he was I couldn,t believe it, dogs are so clever they know how to play their owners,

I wouldn't say he is a angel now but he is a lot better and I do love him, the thing is you never no their pass when u get them from a dogs trust , also this time of year it's the fireworks he goes mad bless him ,they are really great company to,

All the best xx


Hi Shirley

Thats it when you get them from a rescue not knowing their history. Scooby is really a big dog with a big heart and lack of security. He is a lurcher and too strong for my wrists at the moment but hubby sees to him on the lead at the moment and is training him and he is not pulling as much. He is frightened of his own shadow and ran away from a sparrow the other day because it moved really a big wuss. Seems to be settling in and settling down.

All the best cris xx


Hi cris good luck for Monday let me know how you get on plse xx


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