new tricks for old 'dogs' in the kitchen

most of u prob do this already but the penny only dropped yesterday LOL. OK, i know about buying prepared veg, steaming more than needed and whizzing leftovers into soup, but .... bolognaise... i was taught how to make it by aan Italian fom San Remo, usual long way... fry mince and onions and garlic then diced peppers etc etc - not too strenuous if you have your fingers hands an wrists about you but with RA tis a bu***r. so there i was on my perch stool at the counter and ... mince into saucepan not frypan and cook it up with olive oil. let it cool a bit then add torn peppers and mushrooms, halved or quartered onions garlic and passata. whizz it all up and add red wine to taste then cook on v low hob. get 'helper' to rip chop veg and lift pan etc but this way so much easier and extra can be frozen. red wine ? - but if cooked has no alcohol so i assume ok - omit if u wish. xpect u all knew to do this but at least u can have a smile xx

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  • Sounds delish GranAmie. Love Italian've put me in a cooking mood now ;-)

  • Yes, and one of my favorite toys is called a one second slicer. you just rough chop veggies small enough to fit in the space and press the bar (watch out for your wrists) down for small uniform chopped veggies. I love mine...

    This recipe sounds marvelous.. I was looking for something for dinner tonight! Thanks Caeryl

  • sounds good and grandkids cd use it 4me! the sauce also gives more flavour to gluten free pastas which we tried .... just in case. will try2 find one 2nd slicer too.x

  • caeryl what does yr 1sec slicer look like - can't find it unless a box like mandolin which i can't grip anymore. xx

  • This is the link for it. The site is annoying, but the unit works well.. I'm not sure if you could hold this one or not?

  • bless... looks good for ratatouille and peperonata yum xx

  • I use it for literally everything I think - soups, salads, anything that requires a dice. And the large squares are perfect for fruit and cheese platters -

  • I've never questioned it but my h always uses a pan for his bol sauce, never thought to mention it before but it must be easier. He fries off his onion & mince, adds passata & oregano, s & p, dash of Worcestershire sauce & squeeze of tom puree. He then let's it chunter in the oven on a lowish heat in a casserole for a couple of hours & always does at least double so there's a quick meal in the freezer. We use either penne or caserecci as I have difficulty twirling the spaghetti round, plus they hold the sauce quite well.

  • nice recipe ! mine just avoids chopping and peeling etc. whizzing it makes a smoother sauce which grandkids prefer with their flying saucers or fusili. take care x

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