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The return


Hi guys not been about for a while as there was a question regarding my validity here,rumours were abound that i was an insurgent gout sufferer,apparently not back in the mix gang injecting now and lifelong mess for the gout,everything still bloody hurts cept my wallet thank god i bought a prepayment script card,still struggling with work but find it quite rewarding( if not rather painful)my knees and feet and hands hurt so much but i am not a number i am a free man ,i love positive Monday's (pity about" I've had enough Thursday`s")positively painful but positive Monday's:-)

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Trying to fathom your blog out Niall but getting nowhere - it's a bit confusing in a rather delightful way! Do you have gout as well as RA then or not? Either way sorry you are still struggling and in pain but glad you love posiitve about Monday's (I think??!) Tilda

hi t,

yes both im afraid,and yes when i read it at home it makes little sense,but usually done at tea break on my mobile and we all know how embarrasing predictive text can be ;-)

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