third Enbrel week

I said I'd report back on progress but I'm not sure there's much to say. I've had the occasional day when I've felt more active and ready to get up and do things, but after Monday's third injection I've felt very tired and achey. When I started I was on 10 pred a day, I'm now down to 5 and am planning to stay there for a while. I'm wondering whether the fatigue and inflammation are down to the reduction in preds. I know its early days, but am a little disappointed. Fingers staying crossed!

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  • Try not to be downhearted, it's early days yet. I know how difficult it is to be positive when you've waited so long, just hang on in there for a bit longer. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! M x

  • Hard to figure out I know . .especially when steroids . .be it oral or injections are involved. Can't say for sure if my new med is working yet but mine is known to be a slower worker. Although I had an almost immediate reaction with Enbrel, it is usual to feel improvements after a month or a bit longer I was told, so don't give up hope. How is it going with the injection site rash?

  • I think that the reaction is under control with steroid cream and antihistamines. For moment. Thanks for nice messages

  • You are most welcome Cathie, anytime ;-) Glad the reaction under control as this could be your wonder drug! Little time and patience and let's hope. x

  • After 6 weeks Enbrel I'm generally better than I was - still up and down (so painful and fatigued the last couple of days but I'm not focusing on that). My partner was delighted when I managed at the weekend to go out for a walk with him - it was great we recaptured a short period of ordinary life.

  • Thats lovely to go for a walk. We've managed drives through bluebell woods near Peebles. Overpowering scent! Lifts the heart

  • Lovely! That's what it is all about. x

  • Having the same issue with cimzia , had 2 doses now and have had a few better days but it's almost worse when you come crashing down again , know how you feel , fingers crossed for us all x

  • Hi Cathie don't be to disappointed sometimes things need a good while to work, I have been on Humira for around 7 months now and I to felt it was not taking affect but a good few months on I felt so much better and today I am feeling well I have had a few problems with the knees and one foot but have now had injections in the and had them drained and have to say I am feeling positive.... never give up that hope meds sometimes do not work alone our mind set helps and hinders our progress to. There's a lot to be said for positive thinking, hang in there xxxx

  • Thankyou for kind replies. I'd rather not be leaning on everyone so much, but what with all the delays it really helps!

  • It was good to read your postings and the replies. Within the next week or so I am about to start on Endrel and it is so interesting to read the personal results of this drug. I am looking forward to the new medication as I have been feeling so depressed lately. Keep focussed Cathie and let us know how you get on.

  • I'm glad to hear my moaning helps! I hope you get a quick and lasting improvement from Enbrel

  • Hang on in there cathie, hope the enbrel has the desired effect soon.

    BTW, I had a look at some images of the Falkirk Kelpies after you informed me they weren't kippers ;) and very beautiful they are too....must be awesome to see them in the flesh so to speak.

  • That sounds to me like a very rapid tapering of Pred., Cathie. When I went down that fast last time, I was utterly exhausted and felt very negative and depressed about everything. Apparently one way to reduce without the fiddle of cutting pills is to go say 7.5., 7, 7.5, 7, 7, 7, 7, 6.5, 7, 7 etc. I hope that makes sense. Bad brain fog today.

  • Yes I realised that I was going down too fast. My partner spoke to the pharmacist and they suggested I go back up (to 8) and now going down one a week, I'm on 6.

    I've been trying to do a new task every day to prove that I'm doing better and as long as I dont overdo things, it seems to be working. Embrel is gradual, quiet but I think I'm feeling better!

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