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New to diagnosis, not so new to the pain.

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Hi all,

Almost 3 years ago, when I was 30, I started having mysterious fleeting joint pains. 6 months on from there in the middle of a fitness stint I was struck down and roughly (and I mean roughly) diagnosed with gout. I was treated for this for the following 2.5 years until I finally managed to get a rheumatology referral last week after things progressed significantly more recently.

I explained my history and how I never thought I had gout as my symptoms didn't align with my reality, but GPs didn't listen. They just saw me as being overweight and assumed gout.

I was given the full range of blood tests and xrays and put straight on sulfasalazine and told I have inflammatory arthritis, probably RA but have another appointment in a few weeks to go over the results. I think what threw GPs off early on was that I didn't have raised Rheumatoid Factor, so I may be seronegative, or I guess now, even positive.

I've had a terrible few months in particular with ankles, knees and hands (particularly difficult in the mornings) and I'm now settled into my dream job which requires the use of my hands so it has been concerning, especially right at the beginning of my career. Oh, and I've also just found out I'm going to be a dad for the first time, so excited but also very worried about my ability to physically do the dad thing and support my wife properly.

Just saying hello really and mildly ranting - desperate for some relief but also relieved that finally someone is listening to me properly.

So.. Hi, I guess!

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Very positive, thank you :)

I think I'll be ok, I mean I've essentially had this for almost 3 years, I just think the last 4 months has been scary in particular. I find it so hard to walk in the morning which at 33 doesn't fill me with confidence. Having to get up in the night for a baby is a worry, because I've always wanted to be a brilliant dad and don't want this getting in the way.

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Hi mate, I'm a dad of four amazing girls, diagnosed 2 years ago at 44. Honestly, it terrified me, I was fit, a taxing job and essentially a bit of a man's man who was devoted to his family. Getting this diagnosis and seeing family members with it destroyed (they refused meds) really gave me a kick up the arse!! Luckily, with trial and error with meds, none of the above have changed to much, some days are tougher than others but I'm sure in time you will find your fine like I've found mine and long may it continue!!!

You will find out loads on here, its been a real help for me and others.

Stay calm, I'm sure you will be a great dad and thinks will work out and pm me any time if things get on top of you.

Good luck.

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That's very reassuring and thank you for your time. I hope the meds eventually give some relief because it becomes very consuming being in pain and struggling with simple things. I feel very fortunate in that in so many ways my life is great right now except for this tainting everything and bringing me down.

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You will do just fine Sean & this site is very supportive, helpful & knowledgeable. I found out so much and hot answers which helped me to stop worrying so much. Best of luck with the new baby.

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Thank you. I'm slightly concerned that reading about early medication is key to managing the condition and I've been treated for the wrong thing for over two years. Hope I haven't missed the window to get the best results.

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Hi and welcome, RA is not going to stop you being a brilliant dad, you might have to adjust to doing things differently but you will still be brilliant, so many congratulations.

Hopefully now you have seen the rheumatologist, you are on the way to having your pain controlled and the support you need there are lots of drugs and aids out there which really relieve the symptoms unfortunately it is trial and error to find the one that works for you. But it is out there.

You mention your dream job, but do not say what it is, would hand splints help, or would they be to clumsy? they do help relieve the pain and stiffness.

Very Best Wishes



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seanjudge in reply to smithfield

Hi Smithfield. I work with scalpels, needles and knives so need pretty good hand control. Luckily so far my focus has managed to overcome pains, but my grip has certainly deteriorated recently. I just want to be sure I can continue. So far so good, but it's certainly a concerted effort.

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Hi and congratulations!. I am 58 and have tried to get older and wiser, im half way there now its just the wiser bit i need to work on, trust me the other bit takes care of itself.

I cant tell you what your life holds for you or how those things good and bad will effect you but i can tell you 3 things i know for certain.

1. Nothing is ever as bad as your fear imagines it to be.

2. Nothing will prepare you for how much your heart will expand the day you first hold your baby in your arms, and it will pretty much take care of all the fears of number 1, because you will no longer fear or worry about yourself, that little bundle will change everything.

3. There is nothing more important in your future than being the best dad you can. Whatever the future causes to change around you, do that 1 thing and you will be fine.

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Firstly - . Congrats on dream job and baby on way!. It always helps if you can hook onto something positive some of the time and those 2 are biggies. But rant on - to us - for relief. Parenthood is a learning situation and won't stp you hugging, tho maybe opening jars etc may be diff. there are loads small cheap gadgets to help nowadays. my compression gluvs isotoner allow me to type again if badly. Feldene gel is ibuprofen in a gel to rub on now and then on knees ankles etc.morning stiffness eases off in 30 mins +/-. Facecloths in freezer work a treat as ice packs 10mins at a time. trying to be mum/gran here with practical advice but you have my sympathy as a young'un and v. best xx

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