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change of meds

hi , got a letter from my rheum today after seeing her back in oct, upon which , i had took some photos of when i have bad flare ups, think now i have got PSORATIC ARTHRITIS, SO putting me on lefluunmide , which i am going to start 2morrow, any on there, on this med,? doing well after 2years of being in pain , hopefully might get things sored for me now, but has it has took so long so far, lost me job, been on the sick sins feb , and now getting called in by the medical services, ,, oh life is so great for me at the mo. NOT,!!, THAT me having a moan about it all, hope all ok with you lovely lot on her , love jo.xx

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My sympathy for you jo. This govement wants us off benefits,but employers keep pushing you to keep on working and then when your sick they want to get rid of you. THis country has gone crazy.

Sending you lots of hugs jo. Love sylvi.xx


thanks only wish i could work. as trying to live on £71,pound a week is a joke, can but me heating on as on cut packs , if i lose any more money i will be on the streets , asking for spare change, ha ha , not funny but try to laugh as cry to much now.xx


I have to agree with sylvi it's all wrong,I was diagnosed by my doctor at the being of september with a RF of 689, I have had to wait two months to get a appointment with a rheumy to confirm the diagnosis,which has mean't me having at least 3 months of work, they need to spend a lot more money on the NHS and getting people diagnosed as soon as possible, so that they can return to work I,am really lucky at the moment as my manager is really supportive, but what happening if i need to take time of due to RA in the future, It wouldn't be his thought as he needs to run the business within a certain buget and thats down to the goverment making all these cuts,The money you get is shocking how can you live on SSP or esa,

Sorry for going on but this subject really gets me mad when people want to work and they have to be treated like this.

Take care hope everything work out well soon Xxx


I'm on leflunamide and so far have been fine, well except for prickly pins and needles in left hand side which rheumy nurse dismissed.

They did disappear when on steroids as well but have come back now im off steroids....feel heaps better now im off steroids and much better than i was on mtx!

Hope you get sorted and are ok



thank you,josie , hope so. feel rough today, not ra, went out last night had a few, so suffering today, but it done me good.:) x


Hi I have been away, back now, and yes I have PsA and I am on Leflunomide along with the injection Embrel. If I can be of help.............


hi georje i am still taking leflunomide tummy pains still, bit better so trying to cope , and the last 2nights been waking up with pin and needles in hands and feet, . me be called in by the medical services tomorrow ,as been on the sick sins feb, . so worrying wots going to happen , worked all my life . make me mad ,, as only left work in Oct, they told me my ill health , but when i am sored and have the pain under control, i can reply again , so will let you now how i go.:)jo.x


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