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Feeling rubbish!

I've got a horrible cold & feel lousy!

I've had it for a few days now & it seems to be getting worse rather than better, it's now gone into my sinuses :(

My rheummy has told me int he past to get antibiotics earlier rather than later as any bug affects arthritis. Of course it's coming up to the weekend so I probably wont' get an appointment tomorrow although our surgery does get the duty dr to call you back to see if you need to be seen.

I've sat around for 2 days & have been bored, it also doesn't help the joints as they get stiff & sore.

I hate being ill!!!

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Poor you. Go see the doctor. If you feel better then hold off with the antibiotics. :-(


Hi Pauline,

I'm feeling rubbish too, got a stinking cold, first one I've had since starting on MTX. I'm in a bit of a quandary too, with the weekend coming up, not sure if I should be getting myself to the doctors tomorrow.

Hope you feel better soon.



Hope you feel better soon. I feel like ive got a permanent cold/cough but never sure if its meds or just the fact i work in a school everyday!



Thank you everyone - had a phone consultation with my GP & got some antinbiotics, hopefully they will kick in although I suspect it is a virus but at least they should prevent any infection in the sinuses :)


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