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Feeling rubbish but coping

Hi everyone yet another bad nights sleep filled with silly dreams restless legs again, painful hands. When I got up decided to telephone RA clinic to get an appointment cant go on feeling like this something isnt right. Anyway the sun is shining and I am going to tackle a few jobs (hands permitting) at least I can rest again later when I need to. Have taken some painkillers and used my new Theramit Going to see my Gp this week to discuss my latest blood tests for RA and Thyroid probs.

Enjoy the sunshine if you can.

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If I forget to take my medications at night I have terrible nightmares, next morning I just feel ill so I have to double up and use the night medications in the morning, with my morning capsules It takes most of the day to get myself back to normal so I can return to my normal medication times.

So you are not alone regards strange dreams, I wake up with the screaming hyjibs and start panicing so I have to be careful what I do

All the best



Hi Bob forgot to say one of my dreams was that I was offered a job in Peacocks as a sales assistant 18 and a half hours a week and I woke up worrying how I would cope working all those hours. So relieved it was a dream (sorry Peacocks)


Poor you,,i also woke p with painful hands,,my left hand will not obey me,,sadly all the tablets i have been prescribed by the ra consultant did not work,,i reacted badly to all of them, so am back on anti inflamatory tabs,,helps the normal arthritus in hips but not ra,,, but never mind its something i have to live with,, :(


Oh well we can commiserate with each other. I am popping outside now to tidy my shed wearing my splints ofcourse. As you say we have to live with it.


Hi sharon56, hope your day got better as it went along its hard when your body wont let you do what you want to. I have my appointment at the hospital this month and I also feel something is not right with my treatment. I just don't seem to be having any pain free days of late ... so I can really feel and see were you are coming from. Anyway hope your day has been kind to you and your feeling a bit better now. xxx


Thank you Bazzypants I have got a few jobs done but its hard to keep motivated when you feel rubbish isnt it. So I have stayed home all day and not driven at all. Keep in touch please.


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