why did I say I felt fine

Had a bad year with quite a few flares.Am now on cimzia as well as methotrexate injections.Really big improvement in last couple of months and managed without ibroprofen and heavy duty painkillers for the first time in over five years.Thought I d really got on top of my RA.Haven t been able to take my methotrexate this week as my legs keep bruising and I need to have blood tests.I m only two days over taking the methotrexate and the pain and stiffness is back.Have been telling people how good I ve been feeling and now I just feel like crying.Sorry for moaning but I just feel so fed up

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  • Don't apologise for feeling down and by having a moan, if you don't talk about how you feel we can't help to cheer you up. Thats the thing with ra its up and down. My skin is paper thin and i keep getting bruises all the time. I've got ra and fibromyalgia and i'm in pain at the moment so am pill popping today.

    keep your chin up mate your not alone.

    Take care Sylvia xx.

  • I know that feeling! When you feel fine and start to regain confidence, the RA always gives you a little nudge to let you know its still there.

    Hope you feel better soon. Gina.

  • It is sensible to get those tests before further methotrexate as bruising can indicate possible problems.. which is why you are having the blood tests.. hey will get you sorted!

    Wishing you a speedy sort out x


  • mmm, I know what you mean, i always kinda think I'm feeling a bit better for a few days (and I feel like I can stop moaning for once!), and then suddenly something crops up again (and I'm complaining again!) arghh, frustrating isn't it!? take what meds you can to help, and just think it won't be long til they've settled a bit again...look after yourself, hope the blood tests come back clear x

  • I think that this is one of the most frustrating parts of RA.You think your well,plan something and then BOOM flare up , just to remind us it's still around!

    I hope you get your meds sorted i know its a pain stopping the MTX but at least your doc's are looking after you

    Take care


  • Thanks everybody for your support.Went to docs yesterday for blood tests.Bloods always a problem as my veins just don t show.Doctor had to take the blood from my hand using a butterfly clip.First time I ve had to have this done and its not very pleasant.She had a look at the bruising on my legs and said it was due to steroids.Just waiting for my test results now.

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