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Training our socks off and wading in treacle!

Hey Guys, how are you getting along?

This week has been pretty full-on for me. Absolutely shattered but in a good way!

On Monday, I took Wonderboy down to my trainer's yard for a lesson and we did a photoshoot for Arthritis Research UK while we were there. That was interesting, Whoop is getting the hang of the 'ears forward, look at the camera' thing and has stopped jumping about when the flash goes off. Then we had a really good lesson with Gareth Hughes, working on new stuff.

As soon as we got home that evening, I had a lesson with Julie Corrigan on my young horse, Darcy. She was super awesome as always!

Tuesday was a day of rest and regrouping as on Weds we went to Tamworth for a lesson with Dutch Multi-medalled Olympian Ellen Bontje. I had never had a lesson with her before but my regular trainer Conrad Schumacher sent her over as he is away teaching in the US. Ellen was brilliant but very unsure to start with as she is not used to training disabled riders and was not sure where it was possible for a rider like me to train my own horse. I think after a while she forgot her worries and treated us just like anyone else and that worked much better! I don't expect to be given any leeway for being a bit of a wonky human when I'm riding.

I was totally exhausted on Thursday but took Whoop and myself to my chiropractor to be put back together. Felt like wading through treacle!

After chilling on Fri, we are off for two days at Gareth's yard over the weekend. And we are competing at a BD able-bodied show straight from Gareth's on the Monday. It will be hopefully be our first bash at Advanced Medium classes- so wish me lucky!!!! (I'm going to need it, even just to be awake!)

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wow, I think I need to make myself a cup of tea reading that! haha tired out just imagining you going through all that!!

and, Whoop and yourself at the chiropractor?? Whoop is your horse isn't he? :) can we see any of the pictures?

Wishing you lots of luck!


Yes, my horse and I use the same chiropractor! Annie is brilliant, she treats humans, horses, dogs, sheep and anything that is wonky! She also uses a machine called SCENAR which comes from the Russian space programme. It is amazing and although nothing can cure RA it forces my body to try to repair itself. It is abit like a very powerful TENS, feels odd, usually very sore the evening after but is very worth it!

I will try to sort out some pics!


oodles of luck! - I've got the treacle legs at the mo too.




i have had the very short telephone conversation, mother to daughter to say that the training went well, but Whoop had his head in the clouds (for those of you who do not know horses - they have their own personalities and take on life - and Whoop would be a nightmare if human - needy, opionated, spoilt and so talented). Whoop does react to Hopalong's physical state, but not always in a good way! So they are off to an able bodied British Dressage competition today, moving up a level in difficulty - a level many able bodied riders aspire to and never reach - so wish them the best of luck. Then when home this evening, I know that Hopalong will need to rest and sleep.


Whoop was great today! We won one class and had the highest score of the day! He got a bit crackers in the second test but that's horses


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