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Could this be Measles ?? PLEASE HELP

Hi its Lisa again, I have a concern, as most of you know I have RA and Fibromyalgia, I was very ill for 11 days a week or so got to the end of it, Doctor even had to come give injection from vomiting from vertigo, I was quite Bed ridden for days did not eat for 6 days, well, a few days after, i got cold sores on lips and used abreva to No avail, so I went to GP, Not mine she wasn't in, he said, it doesn't look bad try some anbesol, so I left, That was on Tuesday, over past couple day I have been exhausted again, cold, and achey and itchy, Now I have a Big Rash, all over my inner and outer thighs, crawling up my back, and my sides, and it is burning feeling, and when I tough it itches and feels Hot, i looked up Rashes and It Looks exactly like the picture of measles, Is this possible with our disease PLEASE HELP

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Hello Lucy

You are obviously having a really rough time and I do feel for you.

Re the rash - my advice to you would be to get it checked out by a doctor as soon as you can so that you can find out what it is and get some advice. If your doctor doesn't have a weekend surgery, there should be an out of hours service you can contact or maybe you have a local walk in centre nearby? You could try calling NHS Direct for advice too. I understand why you are worried Lisa, having Googled your rash and found that it looks like measles but there are lots of causes of rashes, including med allergies so it could be one of a number of things I reckon and only a doctor will be able to make a firm diagnosis.

Really hope you can get some medical advice soon Lisa.

Thinking of you.

Tilly x


A rash like that is really in the emergency category (even though it might well end up not being serious at all). I'd phone NHS24 in the first instance, or go straight to emergency or a walk in centre to get it checked out - today.

It could possibly be measles, but it could also be the beginnings of a severe allergic reaction of some sort. Be aware that some of the DMARDs can produce allergic reactions like this several weeks down the track (not immediately) or at points where you have just recently increased them. The possibility of allergic reaction is really the big reason you need it checked out right away (i.e. don't wait till Monday).

If you have any trouble at all with breathing or swelling of your throat with it, call an ambulance, say its an allergic reaction (even if you aren't sure) and don't muck around with it.

To be honest, I;m not a doctor but the burning and heat doesn't sound like measles to me, but it does sound like a fairly bad allergic reaction to something and for that you need it looked at and treated urgently.


I agree with other posts ask nhs24.



I did cotact them earlier today and a doctor did phone me back, he asked a load of other questions, say to keep eye on it, if it begins to itch or spread more, to contact them again, and they will send someone, if it worse before Monday when GP open again, also I looked at a website which contains info and pictures of what it looks like

This looks like what I have and it is spreading

Viral Exanthem in Adults: Condition, Treatment and Pictures - Self-Care Guidelines | skinsight

Viral Exanthem: Condition information and pictures for adults - Self-Care Guidelines. Viral exanthem, also known as non-specific viral rash, is a rash caused by a viral infection. Many viruses can cause a…

Thanks for all the comments will keep u up to date x Lisa


Hi Lisa

As the others have mentioned it sounds as if it would be worth getting this checked out by your GP as soon as possible. I hope you have now managed to get to the bottom of what is causing the rash.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



Hi Sarah, I have been Spent in bed for days, I still have it it is not as ripe (for lack of a better word) but I am due to see GP on Thurs already, hope i get some answers will keep up to date once I know


((Hugs)) Lisa


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