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Flare clinic - update, still not wearing flares though 😊

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Thanks for all the positive support yesterday.

It seems that Aberdeen RI, Rheumy dept have decided to re-organise how they see people. In addition to video and telephone consults, they are running 2 flare clinics a month. Good idea. Well organised. Not the doctor the letter indicated but one of my usual Rheumy’s registrars, perfect!

They are reluctant to move me back to or on to another biologic as I’ve had allergic reactions. So they will increase my Metoject Mtx to 20ml which is as much as I can have as I’m too petite to take 25 ml (never had that before). Also had a Depo-Medrone injection.

It was all much less stressful than I anticipated and after a really long sleep I feel good this morning. I walked downstairs without pain or discomfort and could get on the loo with my knees screaming at me! I know you’ll understand what a joy this is! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Even the drive there and back was good - the roads are much quieter than they normally would be at this time of year on a Friday. 😁

While I am feeling ok - I have so much to do.... πŸ˜‚

Go gently and have a lovely weekend...

πŸ™ thank you again for your support

10 Replies

So pleased that you had a good experience - even better that your knees are behaving! πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

That's really great Brushwork, glad you had a good experience and have some relief. Let's hope the increase in MTX works for you. 🀞 x

So great they had their act together, hope the upgrade in MTX gets working on making your joints better.

Sometimes everyone needs a depo injection ! I need to make a tshirt with that on 😁

P.s bit sad about the lack of actual flares 😜

Great you had a good appointment,and that your feeling better xxx

That is so good to hear Brushwork x

Thrilled to hear you had such a positive appointment. Even more thrilled to know that your kees are so much better and that you have a treatment plan in place 🌻

Oh the joy of being able to use the loo without too much discomfort!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I imagine lots of us were nodding along to that one!

Very encouraging that your rheumatology dept are re-organising things for the better, especially at this time.

I'm really pleased you have a plan you are happy with, and it was all much less stressful that you feared. It's like a weight off your mind, isn't it?

Enjoy the relief from your steroid jab, but don't go too wild!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

Best wishes x

Pleased to read this. Dont over do it tho.

Happy for you......but do be careful not to overdo things!!

I’m at Aberdeen too and have to say they have been brilliant. Since March I have had numerous problems with my biologics. I’m about to start the 5th one due to adverse side effects. I have had numerous telephone calls and emails with my rheumatologist and been in the clinic 3 times. The last time was a week ago and things are beginning to be busier but the staff take full precautions plus they always listen to you. Good you are able to move better

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