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Hi you lovely lot...need some advice. On MTX and 10mg pred+ taking paracetamol but have awful pain in r/hand & wrist. I have joint replacement in wrist which has been there 10 years and don't think it's that as had it checked by X-ray and it still where it should be but had really bad pain for about five days. What pain meds can I take with the drugs I already take. Don't really want to put pred up as supposed to be reducing it. RA nurse said about four weeks ago to try not to take ibubrufen(spelling!!) if I got pain so not sure what to do. Would be grateful for advice.....tried hot and cold already. Take care x Lynn x

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  • Lynn, what about wax baths, they are nice and warm and the wax stays on your hands until it goes off/cold!! Leave it on for about anything from 5-10mins depending on how you feel. Have they offered you any other painkillers?

    I don't know what else i can offer,hope this has been of some help. Sylvi.xx

  • Thanks sylvi ...that sounds lovely. Ill try that. Better speak to doctor. Thank a great help as always. Hope you manage a whole nights sleep x

  • Yes, some of the non chemical pain relief can be really helpful, so I find hot and cold stuff very soothing. Re drugs it's always best to check with your own doctor, as there may well be things about your medical history that are different that we don't know about. So for example, my rheumy prescribes NSAIDS even tho' it's not the best combination with MTX. I also take a paracetamol and codeine mix, either the over the counter one or the stronger prescribed combination, for a few days when I need to. Luckily I've always managed without opioids, as my pain stops short of ending them. Poll

  • Thanks poll....yes did wonder about nsaids with MTX. Think i need to visit doctor. Take care x

  • Hi, if you can't get an appointment or phone advice from your GP or rheumy team what about having a word with your pharmacy for which pain killers you can take with the meds you are already on ? Coming off of preds. - could you be coming off of them too quickly ? I had to bump them back up for a couple of days occasionally and then go back down again when I was coming off of them. It wasn't easy but I got there in the end. Also, would wearing a wrist support help at all? (Sorry if you have already tried this, just thinking of what's helped me).

    Hope you get sorted soon.

    Judi xxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Judi ......have been up and down on pred for two years now and pain always seems to be better when on full dose(15mg) its a long haul !!! Yes I think time to get my wrist support on again. Take care x

  • I take MTX but not pred. I use NSAID's as advised by gp. The rheumy nurse advised me to double the dose when things are bad, i also take co-codamol with it twice a day. But as has been said check with own gp first. Xxx

  • Thanks treesha....I shall be phoning her today. Take care x

  • Hello Linnieh, i am coming a bit late - i have found the co-codamol (strong ones) the best particularly if I don't take them regularly, makes me feel very sleepy though.

  • Hi mads ....have seen doctor today and she has given me codine to take with paracetamol when needed. Have have another xray of wrist to rule out anything other than good old RA! Thanks for you r help. Take care x

  • Hi Lynn

    There are a few examples of non-drug ways to manage pain in our pain article:

    Hope that helps


    (NRAS Helpline)

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