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Does anyone have arthritis caused or triggered by Coeliac disease?

If so, does yours relieve when you are following a strict gluten free diet or not? The latest theory is that my spondyloarthritis and enthesitis could be related to coeliac disease (in the same was as crohns or colitis can link), though from what I have been reading coeliac arthritis relieves a lot for most people once they start a gluten free diet - and mine definitely hasn't (been gluten free for 15 years or more and the arthritis is getting a whole load worse)

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I have been diagnosed as a coeliac for about 7 years and have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis for 3 months. Following a strict gluten free diet the whole time didn't stop me developing this disease although I have wondered if there could be any connection as it is an auto immune disease. I am also having problems with my liver which was initially attributed to coeliac disease, LFTs high stopping me from starting treatment, I am on nothing but pain relief till they can figure out what is wrong with my liver.


I have ongoing problems with some of the liver tests, that seem to be common with both the malabsorption and leaky gut problems that go with coeliac, and don't seem to be controlled by the gluten free diet.

It does seem that autoimmune diseases can come in "collections" and you don't just end up with one of them. What I was wondering about was whether there was a different form of inflammatory arthritis that went with coeliac disease, as I have seen some things written about sacroiliitis and coeliac, and "coeliac arthritis". I was also wondering if it was similar to crohns or colitis in the way it linked with spondyloarthritis.


Hi there,

I'm afraid I can't answer your question & I don't know as much about these diseases as you do so am not going to be any help. But all I wanted to say is that I've been wondering about this term 'leaky gut' and whether my PsA is linked to that. At first I thought the term was the preserve of alternative medicine but it does seem to be at least creeping into 'conventional' usage(?)

I've been told that the next DMARD for me is Sulfasalazine & when I looked it up the first site I found said that this drug doesn't get beyond the gut so its efficacy in treating PsA is a bit of a mystery. There was the suggestion that it might work because PsA stems from undiagnosed ulcerative colitis.

I'm trying to keep an open mind to the extent that I'm wondering whether I have a leaky gut despite always having had a seemingly cast iron digestion! However I have smoked for 36 years and, as I understand it, smoking increases the permeability of the gut. (Have not smoked for 22 weeks now.) And of course smoking is implicated in PsA and other forms of inflammatory arthritis.

I suppose, having rambled on & basically just aired some similar concerns, I wonder whether there are environmental irritants etc. other than tobacco that make the gut 'leaky' and might have exactly the same or at least a similar effect to gluten.

Very sorry to hear that your arthritis is getting worse. Good luck in your search for information.

Christina xx



Just picked up this thread as looking for answers. I have coeliacs disease, intolerant to dairy & soya & been free from these for about 2 years & symptoms got better after being off these within 2 months etc.

However, the last few weeks every night, every joint in my body aches like buggery, tried cutting put other possible food culprits but can't fathom out what is causing it - is this how RA starts?

Thanks for any help



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