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(Psoriatic) arthritis triggered by cough/cold?


Hi there, I'm new here and am just after a bit of a second opinion really... I'm 36 and have had scalp psoriasis since I was 14/15. A few months ago I had a throat/chest infection and during this time randomly developed a pain in my left SI joint that lasted 3-4 days. I also had a flare up of scalp psoriasis. It took me AGES to get over this chest infection, I was very fatigued and had tired muscles for about a month and since I was poorly I've had random joint pain flare ups occurring for no reason I can see - my big toe a few times, hip, SI joint, and shoulder. Always just for a few days. Now I'm fighting something again - maybe a touch of laryngitis - feeling totally wiped out and once again out of nowhere my left SI joint has suddenly started killing me. I'm starting to wonder if this could be psoriatic arthritis triggered by having the cough/cold/sore throat - is that how it works? Has anyone else had this experience? I guess maybe I should go to the Dr about it but I feel a bit like a hypochondriac!! Thank you!

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Possible I suppose. Mine was triggered by an operation (I think!).

Where you on Anti biotics for the infection, they often deplete the system as much as you need them to fight the infection, they often trigger other bacteria and causes major inflammation. Inflammation triggers alot.

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Yes I was - never thought that could be a factor!

Mine started similarly. I have scalp psoriasis too. About 15 months ago I had a ‘flu like virus’ and just couldn’t seem to get better. About March/April this year my muscles felt like I had run a marathon, even after a weekend of full rest. Stairs became harder and harder. Joint pain was getting more and more extreme. Went to chemist and asked him for painkillers to ‘stop my body hurting so much’ - Brufen and paracetamol just weren’t doing anything. He sent me straight to my nearest GP (this was 30 mins before surgery closed) and refused me any more painkillers over the counter. Doc saw me straight away on chemists recommendation. Within 5 days I was diagnosed with Acute Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis triggered by that bloody virus a year earlier. The pain got unbearably worse as they tried controlling it but I think we are getting it under control now. I was worried that it would be psoriatic Arthritis as my mum has severe psoriasis, but apparently not. I’m sure he mentioned that it was from a genetics point of view, quite unlikely to occur? Might need correcting on that. I’m 37.

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Crikey, sounds rubbish for you, hopefully things are starting to get under control for you now. If the joint pains I've been having become constant I'll be heading to the Dr sharpish, similarly if I can't manage to shake this current virus thing off. Did you have a lot of fatigue too?

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Oh loads. Tired to tears! I’m still a bit of a zombie! I have Narcolepsy too so the extra tiredness was a killer. As someone else mentioned on another post, it’s really hard not to take full advantage of a good day as the next day is a wipeout. Balancing act.

I can't add anything to the above Anne except to say get to your GP asap because there's a Golden Window of 12 (?) weeks during which time being treated successfully greatly improves your prognosis. That's the advice for RA and I imagine it's the same for PsA. I hope you get it under control and feel loads better soon.

I agree with getting to your GP ASAP ( there is a window of opportunity to knock it back into touch) I have psoriatic arthritis which started after a fall....similar initial symptoms to yours. Bit of advice,ask your GP to refer u to a consultant who is knowledgeable about psoriatic arthritis....most GPs and a lot of consultants are not. Good luck.

Hi Anne,

I know it's easy to get down but whem you have a lot going on medically. Go easy on yourself...Definitely check in with your doctor but it may be a little gout (big toe). Hydrate, hydrate and have it checked out.

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