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Rituximab and flu jabs

Hi all, this is the first time I'm asking a question on here so here goes. I am due to have my Rituximab on Wednesday coming, however just had a call from my nurse to ask if I had my flu jab as I need to have this one month before my infusion (which is now to late). I need to either delay my infusion for 4 weeks or not have my flu jab for now. Has anyone had this situation and what did you do and was there any problems. Thank you in advance

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you must have your flu jab , ihave had the same thing happen to me


Firstly welcome to the site Danab. I can't answer your question as am not on Rituximab but I suspect Snowball has the answer and you should have your flu jab first and postpone by another month. Sorry that's not what you want to hear but best to do things the right way round I guess. Tilda x


Hello Danab and welcome from me too!

I am on Rituximab and was interested in what you have said because I haven't been given any advice on this. I agree with the others though - annoying though it is I would be inclined to have the flu jab first and rebook the Rituximab. If you don't I suspect you will have to wait a certain length of time after the Rituximab before having the flu jab which might well take you right into the middle of "flu season". It would be more helpful people were given this information in a timely manner though wouldn't it?

On the Rituximab front - do you mind me asking how many Rituximab infusion cycles you have had so far and whether it is working for you yet? If it is working, how long did it take to start helping? Sorry for all the questions but, in my case, the "jury is still out" on how much it is going to help me and I am interested in other people's experiences with it.


Tilly x



Rituximab unfortunately hasn't worked for me after 2 cycles. They are now considering another type for me - tocilizumab (roActemra)

Judi xxxxxx


Thank you Snowball and TildaT for your advise. Tillytop this is my second cycle, my first one was in dec 2011, so has worked for about 9 months but it did take about 3 months to kick in. Hopefully this time it will kick in a bit quicker, it has worked well for me at the moment but I guess the next one will be the real test. Tilly I have heard of tocilizumab but don't know any one on it, good luck. Thank you all and good luck to you all to xx


Hi Danab

This is a hard one, as generally flu jabs are recommended to people with RA, but not everyone has them, and it is probably best to ask your rheumatology team whether they feel that in your case having the flu jab is the priority or if they would prefer you didn't wait any longer for yout rituximab infusion. Everyone's situation is slightly different, so probably best to get guidance from your own health care team on this.

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


H all,

I have decided to have my Rituximab rather than my flu jab because i cant wait another month without it. Infusion went fine, just need to stay away from ill people, thank you all for your advise.



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