Flu Jab and Humira


I enjoy the forum and have found some great advice from you all so thank you for your kind help. I'm due to have a flu jab tomorrow at my GP's. But I didn't think about Humira when I booked and took my injection yesterday.

Should I cancel my flu jab, do I need to be off the Humira.

It's too late to ring my Rheumatologist nurse tonight and the appointment is too early to guarantee a reply tomorrow.

Thanks Vaun

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  • Hi Im on cimzia and did my injection the day after the flu jab last week, as long as the vaccine isn't live and your not suffering with any infections etc it should be fine. Talk it over with them at your appt to be sure.

  • Thanks I was pretty certain that was the case. Cheers vaun

  • I'm taking humira and had my flu jab last month. The flu jab is not a live virus so we are encouraged to have it as humira suppresses our immune systems. Clemmie

  • Thanks, I was pretty certain that was the case, but I knew someone would have direct experience of it.

    Cheers vaun

  • I felt lousy the next day but after that was absolutely fine. I'm not sure if it was the flu jab but felt better quickly so it was no problem. Clemmie

  • Thanks for the advice. I'll go get the injection tomorrow morning

  • Hi Vaun I had the flu jab Saturday morning and my Humira on Tuesday l feel fine so I don't think you'll have any trouble to tell you the truth I didn't even think about it until after Hope this helps . Dawn

  • That's it's very helpful. I'll go to my GP and get the injection tomorrow.

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