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feeling 10 times my age

oh my word, went for a walk today to Brockholes Nature Reserve it is only 2-3 miles away from our house, i was looking forward to some fresh air and excersize, i enjoyed it, my husband and i went out at 10 ish got back just in time to pick up the kids at 2 30, now i feel realy ill head is banging and im just so exhausted God i hate this RA, there where times i could go out all day and be on top of the world but not now

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It will be better when you have been properly diagnosed and put on appropriate medicine Bex. Tilda x


Hi Bex, I tend to do this and overdo things. People are always telling me to pace myself and I always end up exhausted from doing too much.!! So I have a nerve saying rest and pace yourself!!

I know how hard it is, but it saves the pain and tiredness taking you over. Next time stop for a picnic at 1 mile, and try to see that even this is beneficial. I love being outdoors and find it so hard not to be able to climb mountains like I did every weekend. We are off to the Lakes in our van this weekend but my family and friends now know if I say no to going further or out at all, it means i will be too tired, so i generally find a nice place to totter round or have a drink whilst they do the hard bits. Its a compromise but better than sitting in all day. Have a good rest tonight and just remember the lovely sights you did see today.



Hi this the first time of commented on a post on here, but could really empahise with you. Spent a couple of hours in town with my step daughter yesterday, by the time we returned home my feet and my knee were very painful and I felt completely exhausted, even with a sit down and a coffee. I still have problems with pacing myself with different tasks, and I have been diagnosed for 2 yrs.

Hope after a rest you feel better

Davinia x


yes . it not very nice ,after. ones having a normally life, o how life as to change so much with, R.A, WOULD LOVE MY LIFE BACK HOW IT WAS pain today as the rain is come in so time to sit had watch some t.v, ,hope you feel better soon,bex.x


Hi Bex It is hard to adjust from being able to do what you wanted, when you wanted to. To only being able to do things when your well enough. Its taken me years to accept thats how it is. I became quite down about it all but I realised I have to do things when I can . I really miss things like walking & dancing, so i do other things I'm capable of doing. I know its frustrating but try & stay positive. xx


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